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    Is there a macro or code snippet that can change the color of the font while i am typing in the cell. Means that if the font color int he cell is originally RED, i can type and change it to another color using VB code.

    Re: Launch Copernic Desktop Search

    Copernic Desktop Search , searches your hard drive for specific files or information.

    I have a excel file that contains certain customer reference numbers, and i would like to search the appropriate emails that contains this refernece and launch it.

    I use the following function in excel to send the workbook as a attachment in email.


    The subject is defaulted to the filename of the workbook. Is there anyway to edit the subject title ?


    Re: FollowHyperlink cannot work

    Quote from Dave Hawley

    What does this mean?

    Okay let me see if i can try to explain this better.

    I have a string variable which gets the URL that i want the macro to fetch. Lets call it URLSTRING.

    Lets assume the URLSTRING = *just assumption*

    When the macro call this::
    ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:= URLSTRING

    It doesnt fetch the page i wanted to. I check the URLSTRING contents and it is correct. But when the focus move to the browser, it actually brings me to the login page, something like instead

    what i mean by cut and paste is :: i enter this directly to the browser address URL :: http:.. , and it works. That is, it doesn't bring me to the login screen

    In summary , using macro doesn't work. Entering the URL into the browser works.

    I use the following to try to access a secure website ( https )

    ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:=Hyperlink, NewWindow:=False

    Where hyperlink is a string that is valid. ( i tested by doing a cut and paste to the browser and it works ! )

    When i launch the macro, it always bring me to the login screen. But if i do a cut and paste, it will bring me direct to the content i want.

    Does anyone know what is wrong ? or what i need to change ?

    I am using FireFox as my default brower

    When i try to send a email using vba in outlook, there will be a window security prompt.

    How do i by pass that ? It warns me that it is auto sending a mail and require me to select YES or NO .

    I have 100 email to send based on a excel xls . Now the emails are able to create automatically, but i have to CLICK SEND 100 times..

    Any guidance is much appreciated!!

    Re: Exporting Email content

    i am using outlook. I received daily emails about status of certain projects.. they are all in the same format.. i wanted to create a macro so that i can click a buttone and the contents will go into excel.

    Then i can run my excel macros to parse it accordinly.

    The data should all be available within a single cell.

    have a program to invoke Copernic . ( A desktop search program ) . However a 5 second delay need to be introduced for the application to get ready . is there anyway for the application to return a READ status back to Excel ?

    Sub CopernicMe()

    Dim CopernicPath As String

    Dim fileName As String

    searchString = Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 1).Value

    CopernicPath = "C:\Program Files\Copernic Desktop Search\"

    fileName = "CopernicDesktopSearch.exe"

    DirStatus = Dir(CopernicPath, vbDirectory) 'blank means not here

    If DirStatus = "" Then

    MsgBox ("Directory is not found")

    GoTo exitnow

    End If

    Shell (CopernicPath & fileName)

    'Do While Not Application.Ready: Loop

    Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:05")

    Application.SendKeys searchString

    Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:01")

    Application.SendKeys "{ENTER}"


    End Sub

    I need to search for the occurence of a string within a cell. however this string could appear multiple times within the same cell.

    I understand using instr function, it only searches for the first occurence.

    Is there any string methods that i can use to search for all the occurences within the same cell.

    Is there anyway to permanently removed the reviewing toolbar . Everytime i open a document, the reviewing toolbar will come out.. and i got to manually remove it again.

    is there a way to remove it by default unltil i request it to be turn on.