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    Hey all,
    I need your help for my presentation of some datas I have been working with.
    I have a large amount of data in my Excel, and at the top row there are names for each column. I want these names in the first row to be always at the top while I scrowl down the data, so people can at any time see what that specific data is referring to. There are 7 columns and 325 rows.
    How I can I perform this in Excel 2010?

    Thanks in advance.

    How do you insert a self-generating (random numbers) spreadsheet into a Word document so that the document has different numbers each time it is opened?
    eg Billy has (random number) marbles and Tom has (random number) marbles. How many do they have all together?

    I would like the spreadsheet to be invisible as well and would rather not link the spreadsheet to the word doc.

    Help please!

    I would like to do an advanced filter and use a criteria that compares two columns and sees if they are the same. Lets say I want to have the criteria only select rows where column A and column B are <>. Column A and B may have numbers or text. Would someone please show me the syntax for this criteria.


    I am trying to format an excel sheet so that when a specific cell changes color, so does another group of cells. However, I do not want all cells in the group to change color, only the ones that have data entered. For example, if cell A1 is the independent cell, changing its color will change the color of all cells A2:A10, but only for the ones that have something entered in, leaving the rest as no-fill. Furthermore, I would like it so that if I enter data in any of the cells in the group (A2:A10) that it will automatically change color to be the same as cell A1.

    To summarize, I pretty much want the group to act as though it is conditionally formatted for non-blank cells, while responding to the color of one particualr cell. Is this possible and, if so, how can I do it?


    how can i stop user to enter values in 1 cell before filling some other cells.
    e.g. i don't want user to give end-time in B cell before giving start-time in A cell because it is disturbing my sheet when it calculate time difference in C cell.
    i don't mind is problem can be solved by conditional formatting or VBA code.

    just to add more:
    i have sheet where i got lot of entries manually and some of them are getting filled up automatically based on other cells and also some cells are getting updated using VBA code.
    in this situation, how can i use conditional formatting or vba code?


    Hi all, I have a couple questions to ask about a worksheet ComboBox and worksheet ListBox.

    Firstly, my combo box fills alright but there seems to be a problem with showing the items. It's weird, there is a huge gap of nothing while scrolling down the combo box until the added items are finally listed. How can I get rid of this gap and show only the added items?

    Secondly, I like the usage of list boxes over combo boxes because of being able to make multiple selection. What I don't like is that I cannot get a list box to "Drop Down" like a combo box. So, can I either a)make a combo box with multiple selection capabilities or b) make a list box with a drop down menu like a combo box?

    Thanks & Cheers!

    Can I "enable the macros" in the VBA code instead of expecting the user to do it? I know it's a security issue, but many users won't knowunderstand how to do this.

    Likewise, is it possible for me to set a Medium macro security level in the VBA code? I know, security again, but it would make things easier, even if I need to alert the user first.


    I have a list of names on sheet 3. On sheet 2 a large data set. I'm trying to figure out vba that will look for every occurrence of each name in sheet 2 (only in column E) and return a range of values or block of cells surrounding each occurrence into sheet 4. To illustrate what i mean i'll give an example. One name in the list in sheet 3 is Peter i would like the vba to look for every occurrence of Peter in sheet 2 lets say the first occurs in E24 I would like the values in D24 (the cell just to its left) F24,G24,H24 (3 cells to the right) and D25,E25,F25,G25,H25 to be returned into sheet 4 (sorry wasn't sure how to reference those) and the same for the next occurrence. The name will always occur in column E i would like all other instances of each name that is not in E to be ignored. The data will always be Column D to H on the row of the occurrence and the D to H on the row below. I dont even know where to begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to create a spreadsheet where I have a drop down box of figures and these figures call up different figures.

    For example if I have a drop down box containing the numbers 1 to 10 which is the number of items. If I select 1 in the drop down box I want the cell next to it to call up a the cost of 1 item, or if I select 5 I want it to call up the cost of 5 items (but the cost of 5 items is not simply the cost of 1 item multiplied by 5).

    I have set up a separate spreadsheet with a this data but I cannot figure out how to call up the figures from the drop down box.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    Something that has always bugged me in excel is the fact that if I have a formula that references a cell more than once and I want to change the cell that is being referenced I have to drag the box twice. I am sure there must be an easier way of doing this but have never stumbled across it.

    As a very simple example... =IF(A1>0,A1,0)
    If I wanted to change this to... =IF(A2>0,A1,0)
    I would need to drag the box from A1 to A2 twice.

    I want to do this by pressing a key (have tried ctrl, alt, shift) and then just dragging the reference once. Does anyone know if there is a way to perform the action as I want to?

    To clarify, I realise in this case it is very easy to more the reference twice (or drag it down one cell then locked reference copy back) however if rather than 2 references there were 6 and I wanted to move them along way or across multiple sheets moving them all at once would be much easier.

    For reference, the way I do it currently is by either; doing it manualy x times or using ‘find and replace’ to change them all... using the mouse would be much more preferable.

    Thanks for your help.


    I love using the like function in excel - "*"&cell&"*"

    At the moment I am trying to use that within an if statement and I can't make it work - this is what I am trying to do.

    =if(A1="*"&A2&"*","OK",0) - it works for sumif, lookups etc.

    I need to compare two lists of suburbs - if they match, or are similar I need an OK, and if they are not to flag them.

    Any ideas? I don't know how to use VBA very well.

    Many thanks

    I have a reference table comprising a column of dates in ascending order and a column of readings (numbers in no order). Each date has a corresponding reading eg 5Apr11 = 1000. In my worksheet I have an input date, tolerance and number eg 1Apr11, 5, 1007.

    For the inputted data, I would like to show the date corresponding to the closest number in the reference table that occurs after the input date and is within the +/- tolerance.

    What formula would achieve this?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.