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    Good afternoon colleagues,

    Hope my subject finds you well.

    Simply I want to create a small car parking system.

    The table structure is like the following:

    • Parking Name
    • Total Parking
    • Occupied Student
    • Occupied Faculty
    • Total Occupied
    • Free
    • Peak
    • Time

    Each parking area has total number of car that can park in it. The main screen should has 4 buttons as following:
    Enter Student à add 1 to the field Occupied Student
    Enter Faculty à add 1 to the field Occupied Faculty

    Exit Student à reduce 1 from the field Occupied Student
    Exit Faculty à reduce 1 from the field Occupied Faculty

    Total Occupied should equal to Occupied Student + Occupied Faculty.

    Free should equal to Total Parking - Total Occupied

    Peak filed should determine the highest number of total occupied parking during the year.
    It should work like the following:
    When a new car enter the parking, the total occupied will get adjusted. If the total occupied field is higher than the peak, then peak equal to total occupied field and time is the time of the car entry.
    If total occupied is lower than peak then peak should not be adjusted.

    There is a button called “Update data” which should take me to another screen which contains a table consist of the two columns in yellow color (Parking Name, Total Parking) so I can update the parking name and the parking capacity from there.

    I am not able to write the macro code and would appreciate in helping me in the matter.

    Thanks a lot for your usual help and cooperation.


    If I have a column that contains numbers and I want to have another column beside it to tell me whether the number if fraction or not?

    How can I do that.

    For Example

    Number Type
    1 Int
    1.5 Fraction
    10 Int
    5.5 Fraction

    Would you kindly help.


    Hope that you all are good.

    Attached fine contain a graph for different types of product with a number of quantity sold for each product along with their amounts.

    My question is that is there a way to show only 1 pillar for each product which indicate at the main axis the quantity sold and the secondary axis the amount of sold quantities?

    I would like to have one pillar per product instead of two.

    Re: How multiple columns in the chart !!!

    You are right. Sorry I did not notice my mistake from the beginning.Okay Dear GlennUk, can ypu plz explain to me how to create the second axis and how to enter blank series?Thanks a lot and I highly appreciate your effort and support

    Re: How multiple columns in the chart !!!

    I have went through the excel sheet.It is great. But the data are not accurate.The blue pillars which reflect the number of deals are accurate while the red pillars which are dedicated for the amounts are not correct. they show that all amounts are below 5000 while it is not correct referring to the table.

    Dears,I am finding this forum very useful and therefore and I am seeking your kind support in the following matter.I have three columns there in the Excel sheet and they are Product Type, Number of Deals and Amount.When I create a chart including all the columns, it create the one that I am having in my sheet.The Y axis is showing the amount type and the x-axis is showing the product Type. How can I also show the Number of Deals columns? I do not mind to show it on the top of pillars for each product as I will give an indicator for number of deals and the total amount for each product.Thanks

    Re: How to include empty cells in a graph without getting it corrupted?

    Dear PCI,It is much clearer now.Thanks a lot.But one thing.In the graph which you have created, it shows any new data that I add to my tale and reflect the change automatically. but in the chart, there are legands which shows countries names and their color. Is there any way to make the legend also get updated automatically.So if I add a new country it will add a country name and color?

    Re: How to include empty cells in a graph without getting it corrupted?

    Dear PCI,I really appreciate what you are doing for me but I am sorry I could not implement what you have explained in the last post. Moreover I see no differences between the two attachments‎ and‎ which you have posted.Can you help me further by implementing the changes in the excel sheet and send it to me to see how does it work?Really Thanks for your efforts.

    Re: How to include empty cells in a graph without getting it corrupted?

    I would like to thank you for your kind help.But would you plz explain to me the codeBrch_Header =Data2!$B$1Brch_List =OFFSET(Graphs.xls!Brch_Header,1,0,Graphs.xls!Nb_Brch,1)Ctry_Header =Data2!$A$1Ctry_List =OFFSET(Graphs.xls!Ctry_Header,1,0,Graphs.xls!Nb_Ctry,1)Nb_Brch =COUNTA(Data2!$B:$B)-1Nb_Ctry =COUNTA(Data2!$A:$A)-1Use next formula forchart=SERIES(Data2!$B$1,Graphs.xls!Ctry_List,Graphs.xls!Brch_List,1) ------------> Where shall I write this code?Moreover, when I keep adding county names, the legend in the graph are not updated? is there any way to make it automated?

    Re: How to include empty cells in a graph without getting it corrupted?

    Attached file contains the data along with 2 graphs.The first graphs covers the data from A1 to B5 and the graph was created fine.The second graph was created for the range from A1 to B20, as you will see that the whole data are corrupted.I want the graphs to include a wide range and not to show the empty fields.

    Dears Hope my email finds you all well and in good health.Lets assume that I have the following dataColumns A Column BUS 4UK 3India 10Gulf 9These data will cover the area from A1 to B4I will create a pie char for it. Thats fineWhat I want to do is to include all data from A1 up to B10. Its means that it will include empty cells in the graph and that make the whole graph corrupted.My purpose is that whenever I add any new data in the Range between A1 to B10, the pie chat got modified automatically.Is there anyway to do that?Thanks