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    Re: Capture values from active IE page

    If you can post your code to access the webpage(make sure to use code tags), then I will help you modify it to capture the value. I am confused though because now you are saying that you want the price and seller info as was stated in your original post, but the post prior to mine states that you want the price and shipping details. Please clarify.

    Re: Capture values from active IE page

    This will get your shipping info

    For y = 1 To IE.Document.getelementsbytagname("Table").Length - 1
        r = IE.Document.getelementsbytagname("Table").Item(y).innertext
        If InStr(r, "Shipping and handling") > 0 Then
         For n = 0 To IE.Document.getelementsbytagname("Table").Item(y).Rows.Length - 1
                                For j = 0 To IE.Document.getelementsbytagname("Table").Item(y).Rows(n).Cells.Length - 1
                                     ' change this to whatever sheet and cells you need
                                    Sheet3.Cells(n + 1, j + 2).Value = IE.Document.getelementsbytagname("Table").Item(y).Rows(n).Cells(j).innertext
                                Next j
                            Next n

    Re: Capture values from active IE page

    In your original post you mentioned that you wanted the seller info, which you also highlighted, not the shipping values. Also, if you are manually opening the page, isn't it just as easy to do a copy/paste of the information manually as opposed to writing code to grab them? If you look at the code in the workbook I attached previous you will see how to get the price. It does not include how to get the shipping details, since that was not noted in your earlier objective.

    You do not need to get the active window to make this work, you can just open an instance of IE with VBA and then pause the code(stop is an easy one, or a loop that is waiting on some action) then navigate where you want manually. When you get to the page that you want start the code to pull your data.

    This is the part that gets your price

    Sheets(3).Range("A1")= IE.Document.getelementbyid("v4-27").innertext 'change this to whatever sheet and cell you need

    Re: Capture values from active IE page with the attached file. In the macro it goes to the ebay, searches for the item, gets all of the links for the items then goes to each page and writes the price and seller name to cells on sheet3. It's a bit rough, since I was just playing with it, but if all you want is to get those two values from the page then you can use that part from the code.

    Re: Data Comparison from Two Sheets

    Try this (briefly tested)
    notify if any bugs

    Re: Data Comparison from Two Sheets

    That makes it much different than the original scenario. You cannot simply just do a compare and replace since the data being deleted is filtered and not all values are showing. This would eliminate all data that is currently filtered.

    Re: Data Comparison from Two Sheets

    Can you post a sample workbook of the change, or explain in better detail what it is doing. The macro can be modified to accomodate, but I want to be sure to make the right alterations.

    Re: Data Comparison from Two Sheets

    Is this what you are after?

    Re: IE automation secure page popup hinderence

    You can disable this in your IE security settings
    (instructions found by searching your issues)
    1) Open Internet
    2) Click on Tools

    3) Click on Internet Options
    4) Click on the Security Tab
    5) Click on the Custom Level button
    6) Under the Miscellaneous section look for "Display Mixed Content"
    7) Click on Disable for Display Mixed Content instead of Prompt
    8) Click on OK twice
    9) Close InternetExplorer and reopen
    10) Open the webpage that was displaying the warning message, the message should not appear now.

    Make sure you realize what you are changing before you change it.

    Re: Getting 1 list of data from 2 sources

    Could you provide a sample workbook with sensitive data removed. Also a sheet with your expected results would be helpful. This can be done via macro, but having an example to provide the particulars would be nice.

    Re: VBA Coding for extracting data from a Pivot Table if the attached helps. I removed the grand total option from the pivot table and used an if statement to check if there is data in the pivot to move to the table. You can fill down the formulas for as many rows as you anticipate, even leaving room for growth. If there is not a value in the pivot table then it will not be displayed.

    Re: Attempting to use dependent checkboxes to autofilter data

    you could try something like this, where it checks to see if the other box is also checked and then runs a separate macro that would filter for both.

    Re: Data Comparison from Two Sheets

    Try this

    Re: Concatenate Column based on 2nd Column Criteria

    If that is the data then this should get your result. If not then a mock data worksheet and the required result would be in order.

    Re: Concatenate Column based on 2nd Column Criteria

    some sample data would be helpful, but I think this will get you closer.