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    Hi Expert,

    Below is my formula in excel ,


    My problem is, if the selected cell is EMPTY or ABOVE " 0 " then the result should appear dash " - " instead of Threshold

    Anyone can help me .... i tried many option but still failed ..... I attached the sample for ease of ref.

    Hope someone can help me ....

    Thank you....

    The data does not include a Column for Status.

    I wouldn't recommend split data Here's some code that can be adapted for what you need

    Greattttt .... Where should i paste the coding...

    Wowww .... fantastic....

    1) What if the header is "A1:D3"

    2) What if i wanna it to be likes check/sync data every 5 mins or detect any changes/new data being entered.

    Thank you so much for your assistance...

    Hi... My excel have multiple sheets as below:

    • Sheet1(Master Data) ... No, Name, Div, Dept, Status
    • Sheet2(High)
    • Sheet3(Medium)
    • Sheet4(Low)

    I need to write a VBA code that will COPY an entire row automatically into a respective sheet if the value in the "Status" cell meet the criteria "High", "Medium" or "Low".

    Whenever changes was made in the Master Data, it is also reflect to the respective sheets automatically.

    Hope someone can help and thanks in advanced.

    Dear Experts,

    I have problem and I am beginner.
    Appreciate if someone can help me ...

    I have two workbook as below.

    A) Workbook Name : Request.xls (Attached)

    Description :
    1) Where user have to download the files and fill in information before request any assistance.
    2) Form have 2 section. 1st for user to fill in and 2nd section for their bosses to approve before submit via email. (Paperless ).

    B) Workbook Name : Credentials.xls

    Description :
    1) Manage by myself (share folder on network)
    2) Cell info : Name , Dept, Div. Signature (images) and password

    i can add new name and information where possible / needed

    Scenario :

    1) User have to download the files. (on network / share folder)
    2) User have to fill in the form / request.
    3) After fill in, user have to get approval from his/her boss before submit to me via email.
    4) Under Approval Section , his/her boss need to click at cell name (dropdown list)
    5) Dropdown list information get from Cell name in workbook credentials. Any new name added, cell "name" get the latest updates.
    5) After selection of name (dropdown list) , popup UserForm that request for password to validate the user is the right person or not.
    6) IF TRUE , name, signature image from workbook credentials appear in selected cell - workbook Approval
    7) IF FALSE, error popup and clear cell - Approval Section only.
    8) After done, user have to email me the form via email.

    I attached herewith sample vba and files (sample.xls) that i found and useful but i do not know how to do it based on my situation.