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    Re: Inputbox not putting info in cell

    I'm not sure if I understand. So should my code look like this:

    But I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put the with part.

    Hi everyone,
    My code is just a bunch of msgbox but at the end I have two InputBoxes. I want the info that is typed in those Inputboxes to be put in the active worksheet but it does not work. How can I execute this. Thanks for the help in advanced.

    My Code

    Thanks Again.

    Hi all,

    Now for the problem. Every time I get to the second msgbox and click either yes or no, it only shows this line in the third msgbox:
    "Wow you are difficult. Now is your chance to go in the opposite direction."

    Any thoughts why? (Sorry if confusing)

    Re: Include Cell Value In MsgBox

    I found out the problem and what I had to do was also reference the workbook so now this is what it looks like,

    [MsgBox "You have" & Workbooks("Personal.xlsb").Sheets("YourSheetNameHere").Range("B1").Value & " days left till your birthday Ryan!"]

    Thank you though for your part.

    Hi. I'm pretty new to Excel VBA and I keep getting this error: Method 'Range' of 'object' Global Failed
    Here's my code and I don't know what is wrong.

    Thanks in advance.