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    Re: dll declaration without path?

    If you do not specify a path for libname, Visual Basic will search for the file in the following order:
    1. Directory containing the .exe file
    2. Current directory
    3. Windows 32-bit system directory \Windows\System32
    4. Windows directory \Windows
    5. Path environment variable

    So what you need to do is have your Dll registered in one of the above locations.

    Re: XP Style Controls

    Hi Alex
    email me what you have and what you have done.
    I'll need to make it easier for everyone.

    I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can....

    Re: Internet Connection

    try something like this;

    Re: get network path name of active workbook

    To get the UNC path given it's letter or Drive then this function may help
    Just pass it the Drive letter

    Re: Regd:VB_procData.VB_Invoke_func

    Quote from gowrishankarms

    Thanks for your reply..

    Can u please tell me settings that is needed so that my code too has

    Thanks in advance

    Not sure I understand ??
    Your code DOES have this in, it's just that it will not show it in the VBA Editor.
    It is picked up by the compiler and really only used for Shortcut key assignment and discription.

    Re: evil code... go away

    Quote from Neiluk66

    You should be able to select the "break Link" option in the Links menu you are accessing. This should do it.

    That option is not avail for Xl2000


    You will need to fins the formula that references the other book or possibly a macro link assigned to a button ??

    Re: Show inactive userform

    As Andy has pointed out,a commandbar would be better...BUT if you must use a userform then you need to run something like this every time you initiate a command from the UF

    Private Sub BackToSheet()
        AppActivate ("Microsoft Excel")
    End Sub

    Re: Writing a Macro to complete Autofill functions

    This worked for me with out being in the Activesheet.

    Re: Undo function unavailable

    Quote from Stephan001

    Uninstalling a freeby Add-on called Navigator ( I've used on and off occasionally in the past (very usefull when trying to find links in large workbooks) has "solved" the UNDO problem. Not sure what caused it so if anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

    probably due to the Addin having a Global Event ... ie Events that monitor some action.

    Re: Global Workbook/sheet referance

    You could set a reference to the project workbook.

    While in VBA Editor...... Activate your workbook.

    Tools > References

    Look for your Project name (In fact you should really rename your reference workbook other wise you will get name errors)
    Click on the project name. (just like setting a reference to any other obj library file eg Word etc)

    Now just refrence the name of the project eg