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    Re: "Can't find project or library" Error

    You need to remove the reference to the Calendar control from the computer that doesn't give you this reference error.
    That's what I meant by inadvertently referenceing a control from that computer. The other computers obviously don't have that control / registered.
    The other 2 references are the Analysis Addin. You can leave these alone as they have obviously loaded these addins.

    Re: de activating the Ctr- break

    You will need code similar to this
    Key:=Application.EnableCancelKey = xlDisabled
    Which disables Ctrl + brk..... BUT you also may need the other codes

    eg unload commandbutton and query close routine

    Re: Referencing Different Workbook

    Check your syntax via the Help File

    Workbooks.Open "C:\Documents and_ settings\mdfrailey\Desktop\test\book1.xls"

    Re: Delete a macro button

    Not sure how you are creating your button BUT
    You should name it to something distiquishable eg MyButton
    Then delete the button by this name eg

    Re: password character validation

    Quote from Smooth

    what do you mean. sorry like i said im not the most compotent person in this field. The code you game me works the same as the one i was previously using. I posted a workbook containing the password i was trying to create.

    Sorry again guys (im definately going to take a course in VBA ha)


    What I mean is Exactly what I said What is your current code that you are using ........ here is what you had amended see if this works .....

    Re: password character validation

    Try this

    Note where the icount is defined ...... @ Module level to keep a static count or to maintain it's variable count.
    Also, good idea to set Focu back to the Textbox after entry .....

    Re: Exclusivity of an XLS

    You could use a VBS eg create in Notepad and save with file extenstion .vbs

    Then just use Windows scheduled task and set it up to run after midnight

    Re: Computer Name, ID

    Hi GB
    Your Excel applications product ID is under

    Look for ProductID
    Note: [VERSION] = your version number
    eg 11.0 for Excel 2003, 10.0 2002 9.0 2000 etc.

    Search the Web or this site for REGISTRY Code..... I have some somewhere BUT no time :)

    Re: Application.InputBox command fails to work

    Looks like your Queries are not cleaning up and holding the App.

    Try changing the update options eg.

    Tools > Options > Calculation Tab

    REMOVE (uncheck) Update remote references
    and possibly (uncheck) Save external link values.

    Re: Executing a file

    you need to Shell out using the executable that runs that file


    Shell "C:\pathto exercutable\Executable.exe c:\test.autoavs",vbMaximizedFocus