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    Re: printers list

    Re: GetOpenFilename

    Quote from Elaine

    Is there a way to include a path (S:\A\B\C\D) in GetOpenFilename so users don't have to work their way down to the appropriate directory to select a file?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Look up


    Also remember to restore current Directories back to what they were.

    Re: cancel using escape key

    Quote from Bradford

    I did have that, but the red X pretty much does the same thing. Also that still forces a mouse interaction, vs the desired keystroke.


    Mark, have a look @ what Richie says .... if you impliment this you will get the desired result ie Esc will unload the form.

    Re: Updating VBA code if sheet name changes

    Use he Sheets Code name in your code instead.

    Have a look in the VBE > Project explorer .... you will see


    Names in brackets are Tab sheet names you enter/change
    The 1st name is the code name and does not change unless done
    by code or via the applications screen..... just lock the project for protection.

    Re: check file path/name prior to running a macro

    That was a good start .... have a look @ this.

    For further help highlight the Key words and press F1

    Re: Custom Function Not Working

    It's not working because you are passing arguments to functions that are beyond it's calling scope (Not initailized so = 0)


    Channel_Bottom * Flow_Depth > channel_Bottom =0 as does all your other variables ... > Division by Zeroe errors

    why not just (

    Re: run a macro on other workbook

    If there is no way you can do what REPO13 suggests then you will need to

    CODE for

    1) Open workbook
    2) call routine like

    Application.Run "NameOfBook.xls!NameOfRoutine"

    3) Close WorkBook

    Re: browse folder

    Quote from ljoseph


    I have a macro that will open files in a specified folder, do some calculations on them. The files have name like , exampl1.xls,exampl2.xls....The files may be in say, folder1 or folder2 etc...

    I am looking for a way .... when the macro starts, a dialog box comes up so that I can select the folder where all my example1.xls,example2.xls...resides... then the macro reads all these files..

    There are a number of ways to do this
    If you use Xl2000 then this may help