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    Check your references .... you may have inadvertently refrenced an object not in your other machine???

    VBA Editor > Tools Reference

    check for "IsMissing"

    Try deselecting this.

    You will need to create a File and input the coding (HTML).

    Do you know html ??

    Here is a basic script to do what you want.

    Just a note: Application.hwnd is only Applicable to Xl2002 onwards
    Just substitute 0& would be ok .. the 0& being the Desktop.

    When ever you need something to happen before committing data and it is done via Event code then you will need to make sure you cover the case whereby the User disables Macros ie... they can still change and save.

    Dave has some code here to handle this.


    But doesn't the version-independent ProgID correspond to the name of the latest version of the object application, i e latest CLSID?

    I´ve noticed this behaviour when working with computers that have several versions of Excel as well as ADO installed (where the versions have been installed like 97, 2000 / ADO 2.5/ 2.6 / 2.7 etc and not the opposite), i e it refer to the latest Excel-version only.

    Yes, that's right Dennis, it will always take on the latest version, which is why you should install the oldest to latest versions when installing multiple versions.

    CM Dennis, good link

    And yes, a lot of people don't realise this. You don't need / should reference the version numbers. That's because the ProgID has a VersionIndependent Value @

    For Excel

    Value = Excel.Application

    But then I mentioned this @…s=0&postorder=asc&start=0

    Where Lasw10 got the code from.

    and also

    Your site is looking good :rock:

    Quote from Barbarr

    I didn't take any offense.


    Cute story. When I was working for a software development company in 1998, they brought some young programmers over from India. One of them was assigned to set up the demo computer in the client's boardroom downstairs. I get a call to come down. He can't figure out what the message on the screen is about. Well, being from the "CD" generation, he didn't realize that the floppy disk in drive A did not have the operating system on it and the computer wouldn't start the operating system. Told him what was happening, to eject the floppy disk, and hit any key and voila!

    :lol: Was that a 8" , 5 1/4" or 3.5" one :)
    Yes when I was a teenager (17/18) i taught myself to program in BASIC & Assembly, FORTRAN, then stoped and didn't start up again until 97 when I had to learn how to use Excel, so I already had a good base to start with.
    For me it was just a hobby.

    anyway ..... a smiley would have made the diff

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    Thanks for coming to my defence Ivan. Actually I didn't take offence to what the poster said. I thought it was all in jest especially since most women don't like to date themselves (age wise that is since actually dating ones self would be rather lonely, not to mention boring).

    The poster is a newbie and many people have never really been exposed to smilies so they don't readily pick them up here.

    Everything I know about programming is 9% what I did wrong, 98% learning from what others did wrong, and 1% what I did right.

    Hi Babarr, yes I know you didn't :rock: .... and you are right ... I just get annoyed, too often these days people don't pay respect to age & experience
    and people in general, you just have to look around @ what is happening in the world today.

    If they are new ... then they should take the time to read up on how to post and netiquette.

    Hi CM Dennis
    yes, I agree .... and this post got me brassed off

    Brassed off because some people (and I may be wrong... but ..) don't know how to show respect properly.

    I think Barbara was very nice about it and showed her experience and obvious maturty. The poster could have at least used a smiley. I would have given him an example .... but .......

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    Hi Barbara


    P.S. Do you also have experience in punch card programming. Mmmm

    You want to be a liitle more tactful then that ?? :rambo:

    The commandbutton ActiveX control inserted into a Worksheet doesn't have this property. You will need to code for this (Not impossible).
    It is only available via the forms.dll which is used for Userforms.

    You need to Anchor the formula to the Sheet by referencing a Cell eg