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    I have a question about the graphics used in VBA. I have created a spreadsheet that uses Command Buttons, Text Boxes and Mutli Page User Forms and all the other a sorted items found in VBA. Well, the Graphics of these items looks a little bit dated as to what is currently available with programs for developing UI's.

    I was wondering if there is a update for VBA that has the latest toolbox for the UI's like what is available in C# programming? Or, does a person have to update to using Visual Studio to get the these updates?

    If we need to switch to Visual Studio, which package will do the best job for updating Excel and Windows VBA code?

    I see that Visual Studio 2005 Standard and Professional versions do not claim to support Microsoft Office Development. The only one that I found is Visual Studio Tools for Office, But this package does not contain all the current programming languages that the other packages do (J#, C++ ...).

    Anyone have experience with Visual Studio 2005? Care to share which one will do the job on Excel development. Seems like a lot of money for the Office tools version (around 600+) for something that hopefully will be in the other cheaper verions, Well relatively cheaper anyway. :0)

    Thank you for your time

    Brian G.

    Oh, by the way I write my code in Office 2003.

    Hello all i have a question about the Setting of a range and then looking at that. I have the following code and it seems there should be a more elquent way to write it.

    i want to do the 'ELSE' statement if the string in CurrentColumn(7) is found anywhere in row 1.

    I tried:
    if Not Columnfind then, but this gives me an error.

    Set ColumnFind = ActiveSheet.Rows("1:1").Find(CurrentColumn(7), LookIn:=xlValues)
        If ColumnFind Is Nothing Then
            Worksheets("Neg Bump").Select
        End If

    any suggestions?


    Re: Column Letter instead of number

    To all reading this, after i posted my thread another thread popped up at the top as a related link that i did not find in my search. this new thread had the answer that i was looking for.

    ColumnLetter = Left(ColumnFind.Address(True, False), InStr(1, ColumnFind.Address(True, False), "$") - 1)

    i didn't know about the 'ADDRESS' extension. Now i do, i LEARNED something today i can go home!

    thanks for your time



    is there a way to make the following code return the letter of the column instead of the number? currently if the 'String' value that is in 'ColumnFind' is in column B this code returns a value of 2. i Need the 'B' for later code to work.

    ColumnLetter = ColumnFind.Column

    i'm sure the is something small that i'm missing.
    thank you


    Re: Type mismatch using Find statement


    Thanks the new code worked. Any idea why i was getting the 'Type Mismatch' error? Would like to know so i can avoid future issues and having to ask for help.

    Thanks again

    Brian G.

    Re: Type mismatch using Find statement

    I'm still getting the 'Type Mismatch' error when I run the code you modified for me. What the find function will be looking for is letter number combination like: ABC12345, this is what our PC logon's look like.

    Thank you for your help

    I'm using a find statement to locate a text string in a column but I get a 'type mismatch' error when I run it. I'm guessing that it's because of what I'm trying to find is a text and it is looking for a number. Anyway to point to the row number of where I find the macthing text in the column?

    the above code works great when what i'm trying to find is a number

    thank you

    Hello All

    I am writing code that looks at entered employee numbers, but what i need to do is make sure there are 5 numbers in the variable (Number) i.e 12160. i tried using the

    If Len(Number) <> 5 Then

    But all i get is 2 because number is defined as an integer.

    any idea's

    thank you
    Brian G.

    Re: Free Floating a Chart


    Sorry, I miss spoke earlier about the trendline datalabels, I ment to say the trendline equations that you can show on the chart. After I load all my data into the Sheet, set my formulas, create my chart and then put my Equations where i want them on the chart, if I manually change some of the data the Equations will move all over my chart. Is there a way to anchor the equations to certain spot on the chart?

    I was going to attach a sheet out of my WorkBook so you could see what was happening, but the size is bigger than 48k (around 2M). can I send this to you? And if so how do you want it sent?

    As for the Immediate Window, i had the Workbook open that would have had all the charts. and i got the message that showed earlier.

    Brian G.

    Re: Free Floating a Chart


    The code change you gave me worked for my second series of data showing up in my chart, Thanx

    I tried the code you gave to use in the immediate window (CTRL+G) and i got a alarm "reference is not valid", not sure what that means in this window.

    Also on my chart i want the data labels for my trend lines to stay where i put them, they will until i start to manually change a input to the chart, is there a way to float or anchor the datalables where i put them. I tried the following code, but alas it did not work. When I looked at the formatable items for a DataLabels i didn't see anything for doing this like you can for a chart, is it possible to do?

                Selection.Left = 15
                Selection.Top = 285
        With ActiveChart.ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Trendlines(1).DataLabel.Select
                .Placement = xlFreeFloating
        End With

    Thanx for your time and effort

    Brain G.

    Hello everyone
    I have question on how to get a chart to free float on my page. i have the following code and i added a section to try and do this but i can't seem to get it to work. any idea's?

    I start my code in 1 workbook, this code will open a file in another workbook so i can copy information to my main workbook, i would like to close the 2nd workbook once i'm done with it.

    i can't seem to get the last 2 lines to work. i have set 'sourcebook' to be a workbook at the beginning of the macro.

    any thought would help

    Thanks Brian G.


    I am wanting to select a range of cells in a column but the start point and end point will be different each time, The Column will be a Known each time though. I have the following code and wondering how to adapt it to do what i want.

    Range("D2:D" & NumOfRows).Select

    I want to make the '2' of D2 a variable(StartOfRows). I know i'm just missing something simple.

    Thank you all for youe help

    Brian G.

    Think i already know the answer to this, but can you use letters instead of numbers in a FOR-Next-LOOP? Tried to get it to work a couple of different ways but couldn't get it, thought i would ask.

    FOR I = A to J
    Next I

    Thnak you

    I wan to delete a sheet from my workbook, and i get a question when my code deletes the sheet

    here is my code:

    Sheets("Neg Bump").Delete

    How can i have my Macro answer the question:

    'The selected sheet(s) will be permanitly deleted

    to delete click 'yes'
    to not delete click 'no'

    Thank You

    I have the following code that will open a txt file into a new workbook and then copy that workbooks cells into the workbook that i'm running. When i close the new workbook i get the question 'there is a large amount information on the clipboard, do you want to be able to paste it later? "YES", "NO" or "CANCEL".

    how can i get VB to answer 'yes' to that question automatically?
    or is there another way to close that workbook and after i have pasted the information?

    at the moment i have the workbook.close line commented out.

    Thank you
    Brian G.

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]I have the following code and I want to extract the RSquared value off the chart to do futher calculations. Any idea's on how to do this?

    Thank you,
    Brian G