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    Place this macro in a separate workbook. The macro assumes that the sheet to be formatted will always be the first sheet in each workbook. Change the folder path (in red) to suit your needs.

    I asked this question a while back but I didn't get a solution so I thought that I would try again. When I post code using code tags in a response to a question, the code loses its 'indentation' formatting. Immediately after it is posted, it seems to retain the formatting. However, when the post is closed and then re-accessed, the 'indentation' formatting is gone. Please refer to my response in Post #2 at this link:

    VBA Macros code - copy paste transposed loop - Excel VBA / Macros - OzGrid Free Excel/VBA Help Forum

    You will note that the 'indentation' that was there in my original post, is no longer there. This creates a problem when someone copies/pastes the code. The formatting has to be re-entered manually. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this happens?

    Manually remove the green colour in column F if it exists. Then select all the cells with data in column F and create two conditional formatting rules using the following two formulae:

    =F2="BUY" ---- select Green for fill format and Red in font colour format

    =F2="SELL" ---- select Red for fill format and White in font colour format

    Create a sheet named "Result" that has the following headers in row 1 starting in column A:

    Car Country Brand Spare Parts

    Try this macro:


    What you want to do can probably be done with one macro rather than using the "Call" method. Do you want to perform the task only on the sections for the "Companies"? What about the "Individual Users" and "Full Level" sections?

    I have to clean different excel sheets

    In your sample file, you have only one sheet. If you want to clean multiple sheets, please attach a revised file which contains at least 2 or 3 sheets. Also, include a sheet that shows the desired result.



    This macro assumes you have a sheet named "Shee2" with these headers in row 1.

    id name value