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    I have a table and on each row, I want to conditionally highlight any two or more cells in the Daily Yardage columns with the same colour if the values are within 3 of any other cell in any other Daily Yardage column within the same row.In other words, I want to compare the values in G6, M6, S6, Y6 and AE6 and if any values are within 3 of another, change the colour on the two or more cells that are within 3.

    another generous user elsewhere has suggested the following

    =COUNTIFS($G$4:$AE$4,"Daily Yardage",$G6:$AE6,">="&(G6-3),$G6:$AE6,"<="&(G6+3))>1 as a conditional format rule applied to $G$6:$AE$36

    When creating the conditional rule, I select the range by left clicking on G6 and dragging down to G31, then holding the CTRL key, I do the same for the columns M, S, Y and AE which gives me the range =$G$6:$G$36,$M$6:$M$36,$S$6:$S$36,$Y$6:$Y$36,$AE$6:$AE$36

    Unfortunately, it doesn't return the results as desired as you can see here.

    Here are the rule windows so you can see that the entries are correct.

    If anyone can help, I would be most appreciative.

    When I open a particular file Excel automatically looks for a link to another file in the Temp folder. It can't find it because I moved it and I can move it back if necessary but I don't want it in the Temp file. The kicker is I can't find the cell that links back to the Temp file on any page of the workbook.
    a - is there a way to search for the link on a givien page or in a particular workbook?
    b - is there a way to break the link? (clicking on: edit | links reveals the link but update is automatic, can't be changed to manual and there is no option to break the link)
    Any assist will be appreciated.

    In spite of creating two toolbars with all commands that I use most frequently, they don't reappear when I re-open Excel. I know I'm going to feel really dumb when someone clues me in (I haven't found how to save them like in Word) but I shall be very grateful.
    I also have a situation where when I try to open a file I get the message that "the file is already open and that I will loose..." etc. but the file is not open. The file is linked to a Word doc and I also get the same message when I open the Word doc whether the Excel file is open or not.
    Thanks, anyone.
    Miffed in Malagash

    I'm familiar with creating custom toolbars in W & E but on several occasions the custom bars I create dissapear completely. When this happens they are not even options in the choose toolbar window. How can I keep these little devels from doing a runner on me?