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    Re: VBA Code for selecting multiple sheets

    [FONT="Verdana"]Thank you bothvery much. I am learning as you try to help me. I have abook I am trying to learn from, but it is difficult trying to jump in themiddle of the book (VBA and Macros: Microsoft ® Excel ® 2010 Bill Jelen TracySyrstad) to find how to get something done.

    The code did not work for me, however I might not have applied itcorrectly. The code ran as before I added your new portion: Eachsheet only, cleared as I selected each Macro button I had placed on eachsheet, instead of each Macro button on each sheet clearing all sheets. Atfirst I put the code on only one sheet and as I stated only that sheetreset. Then I place the code on all sheets and only each sheet would clearas I pressed the macro button on that sheet. The task completed messageshowed up on each page (nice) as I selected each sheet macro separately. I did notice that after I entered this message code, when I selected the Macrobutton for each sheet I could not select another sheet until Iresponded to the message "Task Completed." (I ran the codewithout the message at first.)
    I stepped into the code and it continued, repeating each trip through the codeas I continued for 10 loops, so at least I know it wasn't seeing Su through Sa,or stopping after 1 trip through the code. Anything else I might trying... and thank you again.[/FONT]

    This is my first post if done correctly this time. I guess I have to visit to find a response to receive in my inbox instead of receiving through an email or notification.
    I have a workbook with 7 sheets (each for a day of the week) and other sheets as well.
    I want to reset validations in a ranges of cells and clear other cells in each of the seven sheets only, ALL at one time.
    I have a working code that works via a macro button on each of the 7 sheets (relabeled "Su", "M", "T", "W", "Th", "F", & "Sa"), but they only reset the sheet they are on. It is the same code on each sheet if I understand correctly.
    I have renamed each of the sheets in the properties from the "sheet1" to "Su", etcetera. I will enclose a screenshot of the properties and the code and then upload the code as text in

    Thank you for any help you can give.