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    I have a user form with 20 items on it to select

    I would like to know how to set up a search button on the user form to search for an item for e.g. if one of the items is "Open Journal folder" , I would like to be able to search for e.g. Journal and it will take me to this item on the user form

    Your assistance regarding the above is most appreciated

    I have attempted to write code to hide rows on a Pivot table where Col E has zero values from row 4 onwards

    Sub Hide_Zeroes()
    Dim LR As Long
        LR = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
        For I = LR To 4 Step -1
        If Cells(I, 5 & LR).Value = 0 Then Cells(I, 5).EntireRow.Hidden = True
        End Sub

    I need someone to kindly assist me

    I have the following code which I have tried to wrote that will automatically increment the Quote # each time a quote is printed

    I have inserted this into my workbook

    when Printing the Quote # is not being incremented by 1

    for eg 1000001 to change to 1000002 after printing ,the third print 1000003 etc

    It would be appreciated if someone could assist me

    I have raw data in sheet "Data" and on my Summary sheet I would like to compute the following for each division (Branch)

    1) Average Days in Inventory based on the Division selected on sheet "Summary
    2) Total Value based on Division selected

    I have tried to set up formulas on my sheet "Summary , but cannot get these to work

    I have shown what the values should be on B6 & C6

    It would be appreciated if someone could kindly assist me

    I have VBA code below which I need to print from A2:Q112 on sheet "Comm Br1"

    However, when running the macro, for some unknown reason, the range includes col R, resulting in 4 pages being printed as the range is too large to print on two pages

    I do not want Col R included in the print, but cannot work out why it prints this range

    It would be appreciated if someone could assist me in resolving this

    Sub Print_CommBR1 ()   Sheets("Comm_Br1").Select LastRow = Sheets("Comm BR1").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row With ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = "" With ActiveSheet.PageSetup .PrintArea = "$A$2:$Q$112" .PrintGridlines = True .PrintTitleRows = "" .PrintTitleColumns = "" .LeftHeader = "&D&T" .CenterHeader = "Comm BR1" .Orientation = xlLandscape End With End With Application.ScreenUpdating = True ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True      Sheets(2).Select End Sub

    I also posted two days ago on…print-data-two-pages.html

    Re: Copy certain criteria

    Hi Robert

    Thanks for he help. Your code works perfectly

    The reason I wanted code and not to use filters, is that once the data is copied to "Query items" tab, I export and email this tab only

    I have tried to write code to copy data from sheet creditors where "QRY" appears in Col Q and the value in Col V <> 0 to sheet "Query items" to Col AQ8 onwards

    Where the above criteria exists then the data must be copied from A5 to the last row in Col V , where "QRY" appears in Col Q and Col V <> 0

    when running my code, no data is pasted in Col AQ8 on sheet "Query Items"

    –see my code ‘Sub Copy_Queries_QRY()”

    I have manually copied the data to show you what it should look like after running the macro.

    It would be appreciated if someone could kindly assist me

    I have also posted on…based-on-certain-Criteria 4 days ago

    I have account numbers in Col A and account numbers in Col D from row 2 onwards. In Col G from row 2 onwards I have specified "claimed" or "Not Claimed"

    I need a macro or a formula to compare the account numbers in Col D with those in Col A. Where "claimed" appears in Col G, I need to extract the account numbers in Col D, that does not appear in Col A.

    I need these extracted to Col P

    I have also posted on…sed-certain-criteria.html

    I have attached a sample workbook

    I have a sheet called "Variance" that is cleared and a macro updates this sheet

    I have written code so that if "Bad debts Provision" appears on this sheet on Col E, then it must be highlighted in Yellow using Conditional formatting

    When running the macro, I get subscript out of range and the following code is highlighted


    See full code below

    It would be appreciated if someone could kindly amend my code

    I also posted this on…onal-format-variance.html