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    I am trying to make to sheets:

    The first I want is having some cells where I type in Name, Adresse, City and so on.
    After I have entered this I have createt a command button. When I click this I want the to:

    Copy the information from the cells
    Pate the information from the cells in to a new sheet.
    Have a MessageBox to say "Information have been submited" and then make the cells empty for new entries

    When I repeat the I want the next information I type to be pasted into the nex row in "data"sheet.

    Can anybody help wíth a code for the button?

    Re: Non-activex Datepicker Calendar Control

    Could anabody tell me how the AktiveX objekt in excel 2010 called "RCMDateTimeCtrl1" works?!
    I really like the design but I don't know how I could get the date I picking linked to a cell? Anybody?!