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    Re: Why is the .select method failing?

    Sorry to be such a pain, but it still fails when I use Barrie's method. It fails at "cell.Worksheet.Activate":

    Re: Why is the .select method failing?

    Hmm, there must be something more fundamental going wrong here. I just simplified my code to the following, and it still gives me the error, even though I know this test code was working before I got the error the first time.

    Is there some way I could have inadvertantly turned off a set of methods or something?

    Whenever I run this macro, I'm told that the select method of the range class failed. I know I'm missing something obvious. What I'm really trying to do is select the range just below this cell, like this:

    Range(cell.Offset(-1, 0), cell.End(xlUp)).Select

    Thank you in advance.


    Re: P&L Calculation

    Wow! That works wonderfully. Thank you guys very much. That was a far more complete response than I had hoped for.

    The macro is very intuitive and far better than the pure Excel solution I was envisioning.


    Hi, guys. I'm writing a sheet to analyze my trading activity. If you look at the attached, I want the P&L column to show the net result of all activity since the last time I was flat, i.e., had no position, i.e., last time 'Cumulative
    Quantity' was zero.

    I can use sumproduct to calculate P&L, but I don't know how to limit the positions to just those that have occurred since the column value was zero. Is there a way to do this with just Excel, or do I need to write a macro to fill this column? If the latter, I can work my way through it, but I wanted to know if it was even necessary.


    Sorry if this question is simple.

    I want to assign a range variable certain dimensions. However, I don't know these dimensions until the program calculates them and assigns them to variables. So, let's say N=2 and M=5. I want some range variable, call it 'x', to equal, say, A2:C5.

    How do I assign 'X' these values? Keep in mind that in the code, I need to be able to put variables in the assignment statement for both the column and row.

    Thanks for any help in advance.