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    Re: Adding "Data Validation List" by VBA code

    I must make reference to another worksheet.
    What I should change in following code?
    I have data for validation on Sheet("Group"), range ("$B$1:$B$6" ).

    Dim rList As String 
    rList = "$B$1:$B$6" 
    With Range("A1:A100") 
        With .Validation 
            .Add Type:=xlValidateList, AlertStyle:=xlValidAlertStop, Operator:= _ 
            xlBetween, Formula1:="=" & rList 
        End With 
    End With


    Hi, Guys,
    Help to replace the part of "R1C1:R6910C1" from the code with a variable that indicates range "from A1 till the last row in A column".

    ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Add(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:= _
            "Sheet4!R1C1:R6910C1").CreatePivotTable TableDestination:="", TableName:= _


    Guys, help , S.O.S!
    I opened Excel buy my own toolbar with all macros disappeared & icons. (personal.xls is correct)
    I pressed right click --> Customize, but it not there..

    Please help.

    1. I would like to trigger an event once i click on a cell, for example I click one click on a cell (1,1) and it run some macro.

    2. When I bring my cursor to this cell , to change cursor pointer to pointer like in hyperlink.


    Re: Northwind Tutorial

    Dear Will,
    When I press "Show Me" in Northiwnd menu, appears a message "Cannot find the Nwind80.hlp. Help file".
    Probably it not a part of installation file.

    Maybe you have it?


    I am a novice in MS Access. Does anybody know if exist tutorial (or some explanation) for database "Northwind". With explanation of it fields , tables , relationships?

    Thanks in advance.

    Re: Copy/paste worksheet btw 2 workbooks


    but put it in personal.xls

    Re: Copy/paste worksheet btw 2 workbooks

    All that you have is to add following macros to your Personal.xls module, personal.xls is independent workbook.

    Re: Partial VlookUp

    Sorry for inconvenience, my english is not so good to explain myself, so:

    I have two different tables with manufacturer names, some of manufacturer names are sam in two table and some are not.
    For manufacturer names that are differ I would like anyway to bring them.

    For examle: if in a first table I have name National and in a second table I have National Semiconductor, I want that VlookUp will bring National from the first table to the second table, cause "National Semiconductor" string contains "National" string.

    Or another example: 1-st table manufacturer Analog ,& 2-nd table manufacturer Analogitech. (Analogitech contains Analog, so VlookUp will find it).

    I hope now I clarified the issue.