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    I have some table with data.
    I need to filter the data by criteria "inactive" in column B and then to delete all rows that fit criteria condition.

    The code is following:

    I understand that next row must be variable?


    May anybody to help.
    Thanks in advance.

    I have built some tables and now try to build a form by using the wizard In Form Wizard combo box appear my tables, but "Available Fields" are Empty,
    What is the problem

    P.S. In northwind.mdb the same problem.


    Saving Custom Macros Icons

    I have custom toolbar with my macros. I saved the macros file in "XLA" format. The question is how to save the ICONS on toolbar.


    Maybe this type of a question already asked in this forum, but I have not found it.
    The question is following:
    I use GetOpenFilename dialogbox and it always opening with a default folder, is any way to change it to another folder.


    Re: CreateItemFromTemplate

    Yep, I just changed ".body" to ".HTMLbody", cause I have autosignature.

    May you help me with another issue?
    I want to make rule that automatically will put "from" names of each arrived e-mail to m personal distribution list.
    I am not sure that I can do it in "Rule Wizard", so maybe any VBA code.

    Re: CreateItemFromTemplate

    You're right. This is actually the reason, so what the way to add to each e-amil different person name and to continue to use the template.

    Re: CreateItemFromTemplate

    See the row of ".body", this row cancel "CreateItemFromTemplate" row.

    I send an e-mail from Excel to multiple recepients using method CreateItemFromTemplate, but I need to add also the recepient name from Excel.
    It doesn't work together.

    Any suggestion to do it?