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    I have following macros:

    after ~500 files it returns error 52 "Bad file name or number"

    May somebody to help to solve the problem.

    I would like to archive my custom macros toolbar with exist icons & correct connections to all VBA codes. After that to unpack it on another computer.
    Does anybody know how to do that?

    Re: sorting pivot table

    Nathan, do follow:
    1. make regulat pivot as you did
    2. stay on "total" column , press right click & select "Field Settings"
    3. Select "Summarized by.." - Sum.
    4. Right-click on "B" column & format cells "Time".
    5. After that standard sort.

    That's all.

    GetFolderPath in VBA

    Does anybody know the method in VBA that equivallent to GetFolderPath in VB.Net. I need to show a dialog box and to get a path.


    Re: "Open Folder" Dialog Box

    Derk , it exactly what I need, to get a file without actually opening it. Thanks.
    I have macro that creates from selected file multiple files with different names.

    Is any DIALOG BOX to select a path to copy these files?

    Re: Hyperlink with Relative Referencing

    I know that Hyperlinks menu option gives "relative reference", but I have ~1000 rows to update.
    Thus I using the HYPERLINK function. My files located in folder c:\cars\specifications\

    I need tht when I will burn the disk I need my *xls file will be on <cd>:\ , and it will point to \specifications\

    Please advice.

    Hello, friends.
    Is any way to change hyperlink function from absolute to relative referencing.
    The reason for my request: I have *xls file with 1000 rows. Each row points to some file. When I burn this folder to disk , hiperlink doesn't work.

    Thanks in advance.

    Re: Duplicating files

    laythss, I have next sample.

    1. Column A

    2. file c:\car.jpg

    need to get output


    I have some file in certain folder.
    I would like to write macros that run on selected range , duplicate this file & gives then name from a range. It may be a file in any format (xls, pdf, jpg).

    I will appreciate any little hint.


    I have some *xls file. I need to run though the file & for each item in "manuf" column to create an *xls with its name and rellevant rows.

    I will try to show the sample:

    number manuf pn
    -------- ------ ------
    ABC12345 AVX 45623
    ABC12346 AVX 89746
    ABC12347 YAGEO 11898
    ABC12348 YAGEO 35659
    ABC12349 KEMET 98752
    ABC12350 KEMET 65656

    this file will create 3 files:
    1. AVX.xls (will contain two first rows)
    2. YAGEO.xls (will contain two second rows)
    3. KEMET.xls (will contain two third rows)

    May someone to assist me?


    Re: Custom function in a status bar


    A2:A10 is a static range, how to define in this formula the following range:
    Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
    I put "selection" in a formula but it doesn't work.

    Hello. friends.

    I have a column with the following details:


    As you see appear just 3 months.
    When I select this range aboth, I want to show "3" in a status bar. Is any way to do this?

    If it impossible, what the effective macros to show it in a message box?