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    Required to compare two workesheets and the result to write in third worlsheet.

    Attached an example that should be compared.
    Explanation: 1. Worksheet "Original DB"
    2. Worksheet "Customer DB"
    3. Worksheet "Compare"
    All comparisons I make by the car type.
    In attached example the "Compare" worksheet shows the required differences.

    Any idea for algorythm of VBA code will kindly appreciated.

    Re: FileSearch 2007

    Thank you for your advice.
    I tried to write following code, but it does not work.

    Can you see the problem?

    I was using following code to clean the desktop from the files or to move files to another folder. Once the already exists in a folder it's receiving some random suffix.

    Recently I installed Office 2007 and Office.FileSearch doesn't work for me. How can I change my code in order to code will start working.

    I have two different functions, first is importing website to excel and the a second is testing string according to pattern. Each one of them is working ok. I'm trying to find a word "finance" in URL and put it into cell "A1".


    Re: Extract Differences Between 2 Comma Separated Range Arrays

    Thank you, really nice solution!
    Another solution that I found:

    Attached a file ..

    The question is how to remove "commas" at the beginning?

    Re: Function To Return Common Words To 2 Cells

    Hi all,
    i think I solved the thread of myself, the code is below:



    Hello friends,
    I'm trying to write UDF which getting RegEx pattern and a certain cell as arguments and returns only matching string.
    For examples for string "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog", and RegEx pattern "\w{4}" the function will return two words "OVER" and "LAZY".
    What should I change in my code?

    Thank you.

    Re: Sending Multiple Attachments To Multiple Users

    Dear Sir,

    GetFolderPath is a function that opens a dialog box, below its code:

    after number of trials, I changed the code to following:

    Now it works , but wrong.. :(. I thing that there is a problem with a logic. May you help?

    I want to scan all sheets in a workbook and to delete a first row where a value in cell(1,1) is "table".

    It delete only in an active sheet. What's wrong?

    Hi Guys,
    Please help with a following code. Something wrong , but I can't find an error. Code taking the name from "model" column in Excel, adding to it extention "doc" and looking it in SourcePath folder. After that it is adding to an email.
    I need to add to each message all attachents where the same name in "supplier" coulmn.

    From example file: email to Gold will sent with two attachments (polo.doc and bora.doc), while email to Toyota will sent one attachment only (yaris.doc).

    Please advise..