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    I have beven given a PowerPoint presentation that is essentially a multiple choice quiz.

    Each slide has 4 textboxes, one of these is correct, the others incorrect.

    The majority of the functionality I need is present, it logs the number of correct and incorrect answers, and the percentage of correct answers chosen. This data is then exported to an excel sheet with the data displayed in a row.

    I need to add the value of what answer is given for each question, or whether the question was correct or incorrect.

    Can anyone advise the best way to do this? I've searched a lot online but I'm not overly familiar with PowerPoint VBA.

    Thanks in advance

    Sorry for the cross post, this is also here…o-multiple-cells.1132905/

    Heres some dummy data:

    Name:Stuart WildsAge:40account:23000000sortcode:221133Address:1 This roadThisTownThisCityA118BB
    Name:Paul FarquarAge:20account:23006625sortcode:111133Address:21 This roadThisTownThisCityA118CC
    Name:Clare McBulgeAge:42account:66272800sortcode:772873Address:1231A This DriveThisTownThisCityBC118BB
    Name:Chris FairhurstAge:33account:88277365sortcode:2337633Address:The GroveThisTownThisCityA118BB
    Name:Todd WindmillAge:50account:99982770sortcode:993833Address:12 That roadThatTownThatCityGR458BB

    Each of these is in one individual cell, so they would be in A1 to A5.

    As you can see, they always have the same headings before the colon, although the data after that could be any length string of data.

    I had been trying to get something working using length of particular strings but I've not managed to get it working yet.


    I'm trying to extract several bits of data from one cell, and paste it into other individual cells.

    The data is currently a long string, that contains 8 fields. Each field has a title and then a colon, and then the relevant data.

    It looks like this with 8 fields and 8 bits of data.

    Field 1:Data1Field 2:Data2

    I've tried using convert to columns which didn't seem to recognise the colon.

    Anyone advise the best way to separate so that the data from Field 1 goes in one cell, then data from Field 2 goes in another cell and so on.

    Thanks in advance ?

    I have a workbook that has tab called summary and has a balance facility whereby if the total is zero its classed as balanced. If not its classed as unbalanced.

    I've been trying to create a cell that would show a picture of a smiling emjoi if balanced, and otherwise a sad face.

    I've seen some info online where it says you can achieve this using the INDEX MATCH function.

    So I would have 2 different pictures in cells A1 and B1, then in A2. I'd have balanced, and B2 if have unbalanced. You then use the index match feature to get the desired result in cell C1.

    If this makes sense, cam anyone help? I'm working in excel 2010.

    Thanks in advance.

    I have a column of roughly 10000 numbers, that are currently formatted as general so I can’t do any mathematical stuff with them.

    I want to create a macro that would make these proper values and was wondering what the best way would be.

    I tried recording multiplying each cell by one but that doesn’t work.
    Ive now found out that adding a new column in and using the VALUE function works.

    I was was just wondering if there is a more efficient way? Maybe adding all the data to an array?? Have no clue with arrays.

    Any advice?

    I have a sheet set up with three autoshapes that act as buttons. I've disabled all the scrollbars, tabs etc so the buttons are the only thing visible on a blank white sheet.

    The people using this can have varying monitor sizes, so is there a way to resize the 3 shapes if they dont fit on the screen?

    Can anyone let me know if there are issues with this forum and the Microsoft Edge browser?

    When starting a new thread, it lets me key the post title in ok but then its trial and error to try and get into the subject bit to type anything else.

    Tabbing through the fields doesn't seem to work, I normally have to click in and out of things and it seems to work ok after 15 seconds or so.

    I'm working in excel 2010.

    I have a workbook, called Original that opens other temporary workbooks. It copies data from these temporary workbooks into a master tab and then closes them leaving the original workbook open.

    If the temporary workbooks aren't shared, the code runs fine. If they are shared, I get an automation error and the code stops, doesn't go into debug just stops.

    Cant post any of the existing code, its a work thing and I'm not in work today.

    I haven't been able to find any info about why this might happen, is this a known issue or with shared files? Some things I've read say that sharing of workbooks isn't very well implemented in excel.

    Is there some code that will check to see if the temporary workbook is shared, if it is turn sharing off when it opens the file and back on when it closes?

    I have a summary sheet that links to other workbooks. The workbooks it links to changes each week using the edit links function.

    Can you obtain a certain string from within the formula, not what's displayed in the cell, of one of the linked cells?

    My summary links to a specific folder with a date in the titel. I want to be able to extract that date and show it in a cell.

    Hope me that made sense

    thanks in advance.

    I have a range, a1:b15. Column a has a 15 named skills which will remain constant, column b has an x to signify if the skill has been learnt which I want to be able to change using a userofrm, x to signify the skill is learnt, blank if the skill hasn't been learnt.

    i have a userform with list box that shows the same data from this range in 2 columns.

    I want to be able to update the data in column b by either selecting or unselcting the relevant skill (x) in column b using the listbox. I'd like to be able to update multiple rows at a time, to either add an x or remove an x as required.

    Whats the best way to achieve this?

    Is it possible to have excel format a range if it has been copied to clipboard?

    I have a page with several ranges that I would like to copy from excel to other software. As there may be several ranges (14 rows each seperated by a blank row) to copy, it may become difficult to keep track of the data I have copied. I would like to be able to apply formatting, (change cell colour) once a range has been copied to keep track of where I am upto.

    I have been able to use the BEFORE RIGHT CLICK code in VB to cover te right click copy method but is there a better way that will also cover the EDIT>COPY and CTRL+C copy methods?

    I am looking to create a loop that will look specific text in column A. Once found, it will look for the first cell above that cell, that contains another specific text. There maybe any number of rows between the 2 cells, and there can be several occurrences of these through column A

    So for example, say cell A1 contains text 'A'. Cell C1 contains text 'B'. The loop first looks for 'B', and once found then looks for 'A' in a cell above it. I then need to use the number of rows between the 2 to resize a range

    Re: $10 - Count rows between cells and add rows if needed

    Hi, I have added a sample workbook and added a text box to describe what I would like the macro to do.

    The sample workbook only shows data in column A, and only a very small sample, which is the only data necessary to achieve my requirements. I state in the workbook that I need it to always be 50 rows between each instance. If possible could this be made into a variable so that I can change the number of rows required between each instance.

    I am unable to use the exact workbook I intend the macro for since it has confidential material on it. I will be transferring the code from this sample workbook to the other workbook.