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    I want to transpose the variable columns to single column in the next page like






    To next page 'Final' like














    One by one

    Normal transpose doesn't work for me.

    Thx in advance:thumbup:

    Re: unique value 3 columns combined & sum

    I did changes the following in the code
    Changed ur code as folows to paste from B column

    With Sheets("PRN")
            .Range("B1:G1").Value = Array("Bank Name", "Cheq/DD No.", "Cheq/DD Date", "Amount", "to check unique value    :-)")
            .Range("B2").Resize(c, 5) = ray
            .Range("B2").Resize(c, 5).Sort .Range("B2"), xlAscending
        End With

    And added this to delete from "F" Column and insert "A" Column with Serial Numbers

    With Range("A2:A" & Range("D" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row)
        .Cells(1, 1).Value = 1
        .DataSeries Rowcol:=xlColumns, Type:=xlLinear, Step:=1, Trend:=False
        End With
        ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True

    But how to add total in last Row as follows
    Total in End of "B" Column and Sum in "E" Column
    Did I do right changes?
    What Shall I do for the Sum


    Re: unique value 3 columns combined & sum

    Excellant. Working like Charm
    enhancement on these lines
    1. Insert Serial numbers column "A"
    2. Remove column "to check unique value :-)" as this is done only to sort the data (1.Bank, 2.ChequeNo and
    3. Grand total at the end of Data for the column "Amount"

    Thanks Mick


    Dear experts
    i have 'bill1' sheet contains varying number of rows
    1. i need to filter on Column "I" as "=Cheque"
    2. Copy to "Prn" Sheet (columns G, K, L & M) from 15 Row to Prn sheet as (columns: M as A, L as B, K as C & G as D)
    3. The ABC columns together as unique value and sum the data if unique with grand total at the bottom

    The code i use to copy and reorder and make the text to number format is very amateur and not complete

    HELP ME!

    Re: Move & Transpose Columns to Rows

    1. the pasting to the first empty cell in 'D' Coloumn (It may be D6,D7,D8, or D501)
    2. C6:C8 may vary (as I have to paste 3 rows of data more than 500 times from Java Web page (It may be C16:C18. can it be last 3 rows in C column?)

    Thanking you !

    Dear Experts
    We have to copy from lot of Java webpages
    1. Data of single column 3 rows of data to First blank cell in 'C' column (say C6)
    2. Then Transpose it across to the same row into 3 columns (from same C6 to d6 & e6)
    Here I tried some VBA but needs how to put it across.

    Re: Theft Prevention

    Dear Reafidy & norie,
    thanks for the replies.

    As the VBA code needs protection (not the data in it), I thought it will be useful to check the some unique thing in the specific computer. (which can be a file specifically put in for that purpose)
    if the user disables macros, the VBA willn't work.

    thanks for the efforts u r taking....


    Re: Theft Prevention

    I want to protect my excel workbooks
    on opneing it, vba code must check for its associate file (may be placed in windows system folder by me)
    on nonexistence it must close with a warning message
    i hope that it will prevent unauthorised copying of the excel wbook

    hope i have made my intension clear


    Dear Gurus,
    I want to prevent any Excel Workbook Theft through VBA
    1. check the existence of any file in Windows directory ( which we do put for this security)
    2. If it doesnt exist "pireted copy? close!" error message may apear

    I know it is not fool proof. but it can gives 40% protection


    Re: Lakh Separator

    in India lakh is numerical value for 100,000
    So everyone use it as 1,00,000 not as 100,000 (one hundred thousands)
    another value crore would mean 10,000,000
    but it is used as 1,00,00,000 (one hundred lakhs)

    hope i made u clear


    Re: Find First empty Cell

    a final working one is found
    Anybody here to sugest any improvement....

    thanks gurus (mr.Roy and Zimitry)

    Re: Find First empty Cell

    dear zimitry
    ur code
    1. works only if some entries already exists in 'A' column
    2. deletes already exiting and replace with new pasting
    3. ends two rows below the last row
    it stops for 'debug' here

    iRow = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(-2, 0).Row

    this following code works with few problems

    this one works
    1. But i dont know why it is slow...
    2. why it stops two rows below the last row
    3. Is there anyway to use paste special in 'unicode' format?
    a refined fast running code is more helpful
    thank you gurus....