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    Re: VLookup between two sheets to compare data

    Thanks NBVC, Sorry I don't think I've explained myself. If anything I've probably confused myself.

    I'll start again, I've also attached a better example.

    Sheet WS is taken from the website. The data is exported to a CSV file. the data in Column C to N is grouped in one cell from the export. I just seperated this and created headings to explain the contents.

    Sheet WH is the physical stock.

    We are unable to cross reference the stock using VLookup as both reports are completely different.
    The columns highlighted in yellow are the columns we are trying to cross reference.

    The result should be, we compare the physical stock 'Sheet WH' to the website report 'Sheet WS'. If the stock is wrong Column F in sheet WH should reflect this.

    Re: VLookup between two sheets to compare data

    When I extract it from the site, all the data is merged into one cell. I just separated it and left those there so I knew which column is size etc..
    The quotation marks can be removed all together in future. Leaving just the numerical value.

    Re: VLookup between two sheets to compare data

    Apologies will do Sixth. Thanks NBVC

    I'll try again, in sheet 2 I have Column D (Size) and Column E (Quantity). Column E is the number of quantities of Column D

    Sheet 2 Column C, E,G,I all contain the different sizes available. Column D, F, H, J is the number of quantities in stock.
    I'm trying to compare the two sheets to see if I have missing stock.


    I'm struggling to use VLookup between two sheets with multiple data. I'm able to check the size of an item with single data.
    I've uploaded the example..

    Sheet 1 has the information in vertical format and contains variation of sizes

    Sheet 2 has the data in horizontal format and contains variation of sizes.

    Can Vlookup compare all the data and return true if the sizes match or should I use a different function?

    Thank you


    I'm trying to compare two quantities on two different sheets. I've used VLOOKUP in the past on other sheets. This time round I cannot understand how to us it on this query when the data is contained and mixed in one cell.

    Here goes explaining..
    Sheet1, shows we have stock of Mini Speakers in blue, the 'Main SKU', 'Size' and 'Current Stock'
    'Current Stock' is the cell we are trying to compare


    Sheet2 shows the 'SKU', 'Name' and 'Option1'. Option1 contains the values I'm trying to compare... sku":"X-MiniB-S","value":"S","quantity":"1"


    Basically, I need to check that 'Current Stock' matches the value in 'Options1' and return a value if they do not match.

    Hope the above makes sense

    Many thanks


    I'm having issues trying to get my head around using IF statements and extracting the information from the cell.
    For example, I have the following information A1 to A16... 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4 Hours, 5, Hours, 6 Hours, 7 Hours, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5 (The numbers are days)
    What I'm trying to do is calculate the cell, if the cell contains the word "Hour" just output the first number in the cell 1 Hour = 1, however if the cell contains just a number then multiply the number of the cell by 7.5

    I have 15 rows in total.

    I've searched the net looking at ways to do this and now stumpted as IF statements can only go up to 7 nested IF's, then SEARCH appears in some examples :(

    Hope the above makes sense