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    Re: spliting single cell data w/ spaces btwn the data into new cells / pdf to Excel c

    Thanks for the # key visual fix. I also edited variables e, d, c, b, as I found some errors when applying the macro. I guess my next question would be: This code spits out to a new sheet, 25 columns, my question is how can I adjust the code such that I get two blank columns between column 11 & 12 or rather variables q & p?

    Re: spliting single cell data w/ spaces btwn the data into new cells / pdf to Excel c

    I was experimenting with jindon’s code and I believe I’ve come up with a process that will shave an immense number of hours off my efforts to the end goal. Keep in mind I’m an extreme nubie to vba code. I don’t understand how all of the processes work but I studied it long enough and think I was able to correctly assign new variables and change cell references and variable arrays. Essentially I created tab with the vba code such that I can copy and paste selected cells of the merged cell data from the original pdf conversion such that it spits out the results I want in the order I want. I couldn't attach the new file due to the size limitations however I have pasted the modified code below - Thanks for all the help!

    Re: spliting single cell data w/ spaces btwn the data into new cells / pdf to Excel c

    Yes indeed, both answers are great! the find/replace space transposing steps I'm putting in my back pocket as I've come across this scenario in the past. But Jindon's code works incredibly well for my particular situation. I'm a vba nubie so this will escalate my knowledge by leaps and bounds. Thanks for all the efforts!

    I'm going to leave the thread open temporarily while I explore the code incase I have further questions as I apply/adapt it to the other pages.

    Re: spliting single cell data w/ spaces btwn the data into new cells / pdf to Excel c

    Thank you for your effort. I didn't want to bombard the original post with too much info/files and/or requesting without demonstrating trying but since your looking into a more comprehensive solution I have attached another file for consideration.

    2007_sect_7-edit-II - this is the format which I will eventually be putting in the data. Essentially Eliminating the county summation lines, I can run totals and apply the county designation along with other analysis with formulas elsewhere.

    for those also perusing, the original document is :

    I have also explored other pdf to excel converters... the best one so far does the odd pages perfectly but the even pages have the merged cell syndrome. I didn't follow your previous merged cell solution, perhaps I need more practice/exploration/explanation.

    I will be doing this for all previous years to 2007

    Re: spliting single cell data w/ spaces btwn the data into new cells / pdf to Excel c

    It will be fairly consistent but not completely, let me expand:
    Every two pages of the larger pdf should be stitched side by side, the column headings on each of the two pages will remain the same throughout the full document. Since you can see the blacked out parts (essentially not sensitive info), for every municipality there will be two years of line data. What will change is the number of rows contained in each of the 2 page sets, plus occasionally there will be a new county added and a summary line once the county section is finished, it's these slight row variations which has made many of my other efforts useless. does this help?

    Re: spliting single cell data w/ spaces btwn the data into new cells / pdf to Excel c

    I know it may be confusing at least for me to try to convey the issue with sentences, feel free to ask questions. I have updated the sample spreadsheet with a tab 'ultimate outcome' as this is how the two page data sets will eventually be assembled. I'm not as concerned with the column/row titles as they will be the same for the thousands of data sets I have. Essentially any short cut for even a small part of this will shave hours/days off the conversion process and reduce the potential for keystroke error from entering by hand. Thanks again!

    Hi, I'm looking for help extracting data that resides in a single cell into separate cells for each data point separated by a space with in the original 'merged' cell. That's the redux solution I have come up with from the overall problem, but I'll also address the bigger picture in case there is a more comprehensive solution.

    I have mountains of pdf pages of data in a visual column/row format that I wish to convert to Excel in order to perform further analysis, however when exporting to Excel, Adobe is primarily separating by column and not by row. This is ok if I can figure out some other way to divide the column data into rows such that each piece of individual data resides in it's own cell, unless someone has an even more efficient solution to my overall PDF to Excel conversion problem. I have attached sample documents of both the source pdf and the extracted Excel cells. Each data set in my mountain is two pdf pages and the number of rows are not always consistent in each set. There are many formatting challenges that occur with the PDF to Excel conversion. I can work around them, but at minimum (see 'at minimum' tab in the Excel file) if I can learn how to take a single cell/column that contains many non-separated rows and separate the data to their individual cells, that would be most helpful! Thanks in advance for your consideration/solutions.