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    Hello fellow Excelers

    I am using the code below as part of a module to send emails. My query is simple, with two parts.

    I would like to add in an agrument to set the "Do not deliver before" option in the email. In doing so, how could I code this so that it sets the value to todays date at 1800hrs?

    Any and all help is appreciated.


    Hi folks

    This is really quite an easy one, I guess I am just having an off-day. Allow for a Monday methinks.

    Anyway, I always run into problems when using conditional formatting. I would normally look to VBA to support me, but I can't in this case.

    I am trying to set a rule whereby (B7 >= B4) OR (B7 = "") then change the format.

    I am unable to use the other two conditional format rules, as they are taken up with other rules.

    Can anyone help me out here?

    Thanks in advance,

    I have attached a sample of my data.

    Basically, this sample data is the result of a advanded filter capturing the unique records. The resultant list is used to populate a combobox. The code I used for this is as follows:

    The first problem I encountered was the way the combobox values were displayed. It would format the dropdown as "mm/dd/yyyy" which was confusing to read. I countered this by using the Format function. That seemed fine from there.

    However the other problem is that when the desired value has been selected, and the user clicks 'ok', the selected value is written to a cell in a worksheet. This was also being output in the format "mm/dd/yyyy". So I tried to apply the Format function to the output value, and that had no effect whatsoever; it remained in "mm/dd/yyyy" format.

    It is important that the date is correct, because at a later point similar script is used to set a second date. Then from the two dates, a range is defined via an autofilter. The bizarre thing was that the first date displayed and treated as "dd/mm/yyyy" format, the second seemed to be displayed as "mm/dd/yyyy" but was treated as a "dd/mm/yyyy" format but was the wrong date as the month became the day, and the day become the month.

    I am in danger of writing myself into confusion here. Can anyone assist me with this predicament? I am confounded and beside myself!

    All help appreciated!


    Hi all

    Hope someone can sort me out, because this is taking me far too long to get anywhere.

    What I am trying to do is basically delete all the rows of data that contain the following times: 08:30-17:00 (inclusive). However I do not want any of these row deletions to occur on rows pertaining to a Saturday or Sunday; they need to remain entirely intact.

    I have uploaded a tiny sample of my data.

    The key is really having a coding that executes quickly, as I will be working with 40-50k rows of data.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi again folks,

    Busy again with more data manipulation projects :D

    First off, here is a sample of the data I am working with:

    1. OFFERED,External,30/06/04 09:00,64,Wednesday
    1. OFFERED,External,30/06/04 09:30,90,Wednesday
    1. OFFERED,External,30/06/04 10:30,105,Wednesday
    1. OFFERED,External,30/06/04 11:30,91,Wednesday
    1. OFFERED,External,30/06/04 12:00,98,Wednesday
    1. OFFERED,External,30/06/04 12:30,85,Wednesday

    The data source is historic and has new data appeneded onto the end. THis means that the volume of data is very high.

    What I would like to do, is have VBA to allow me to input two dates; this will will specify a range of dates. Then I would like to remove all the rows of data that do not fall within that particular range.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Hi again folks,

    Here's a quickie that I hope somone can shed light upon...

    I am trying to have a VBA script enter this formula, Range("E2").Formula = "=Text(C2, "dddd")", into a cell. However, I am having problems regarding the quotation marks. As the compiler spits out an "Expected: end of statement" error.

    Can anyone shed light on this one?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Folks,

    I am hoping someone can assist me with this one. First off, here is a sample of the data I am working with (source file is a .CSV which I import as external data into a worksheet):
    1. OFFERED,1417,2004-06-30 09:00:00.000,64
    1. OFFERED,1417,2004-06-30 09:30:00.000,90
    1. OFFERED,1417,2004-06-30 10:30:00.000,105
    1. OFFERED,1417,2004-06-30 11:30:00.000,91
    1. OFFERED,1417,2004-06-30 12:00:00.000,98

    As you will see with the date/time data, it contains "09:30:00.000". This is what I need to replace using a macro, as it causes problems with a pivot-table that I use later on. I need to reformat to the format "09:30:00" using a VBA script. Changing the cell format does not seem to provide me with the solution.

    Can anyone assist me with this?

    Thanks in advance,