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    I am having trouble using a variable array within a formula. When picking up the variable array alone it shows the correct values however when i then try to look for something in that array it comes back with an error. Any ideas?

    =MATCH(N10,ADDRESS(MATCH(B10,Sheet1!A:A,0),1,4,,"MySheet")&":"& ADDRESS(MATCH(O10,Sheet1!A:A,0),1,4))

    I want to create a demo for new users to an excel workbook we have. Ideally it would be an animation which shows the user the steps they must take, can this be done? I am envisioning the mouse cursor being automatically moved and clicking the relevant macro buttons etc.

    I have a macro which automatically opens email attachments and saves them. Some of these are saving as read only and as they are meant to be overwritten by later files this creates a permissions error when the next file tries to save. How can I set so these do not save as read only?

    I know this is probably a very simple question but i can't seem to find how to do it.

    When i use workbook.saveas and the file already exists it prompts do i want to replace it. I do not want this to prompt, ie, to replace automatically. How do i do this?

    I have created a macro where it inserts graphs and repositions them. I made the macro in excel 2003 however when I run it in excel 2000 it positions the graphs in different places. Is there anyway to get around this?

    Re: Macro running at midnight every day

    I have tried that

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
         Application.OnTime TimeValue("13:26:00"), "MyMacro"
    End Sub

    and then

    Sub MyMacro()
    MsgBox "Test"
    End Sub

    This works if I am still in the workbook but doesn't if i shut it down. Any ideas?

    I have alot of files with a date at the end of the name. eg file01/03/05, file02/03/05 file03/03/05 etc. I want to set a macro to open the window of whichever file i have open at that time. Is there a wildcard i can use ?


    windows.activate("file" & wildcard)

    Using the below code how can I change the reply email address?

    With OutMail
            .to = tolist
            .CC = strcc
            .BCC = strbcc
            .Subject = strsub
            .Body = strbody
            .Attachments.Add ActiveWorkbook.FullName
             End With

    Re: Stop screen flicking to other programs when running code

    One is to be used by branches and they input daily data and at the end of each day they will click and button and it sends all that days data to head office. This does not flick to outlook to display security message.

    The other is the master file which imports all the emails and send reply emails confirming receipt. this one flicks to outlook to show the security messages.