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    Re: add hyperlink to found file list

    Hi Norie,
    This is just fabulous! Thank you so much for the quick help.
    I could not be happier.

    I would like to know what the 2 in the code does.
    I know that Range("A" is column A
    and FoundFiles (I) the stuff it actually found.
    Would you mind helping me to understand a little better?

    Range("A" & I + 2) = .FoundFiles(I)

    Thank you

    this code gathers file location and file names and the output is starting in A3.
    I would like to, either
    1- have a hyperlink to the respective file in cell B3, B4, etc. or
    2- have the searchresult itself, so A3, A4, etc. be the hyperlink

    I would prefer option 1 and if possible have the hyperlink text be something like <Get File>.

    Thanks for your help.

    Re: Find Oldest File in Folder

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    The code actually will list all files of the folder and does not return the dates but times. The times returned are all 12:00:00 AM whereas the oldest file date/time is july 13, 2005 9:08.
    All the files found are opened and are not being closed.
    Any suggestion about modifying the code?
    Thank you

    I'd like to be able to incorporate an option into a macro to search through an existing folder (will not change the folder name or location) and check if there are files (*.xls) and if so, return the date (string 1) and the file name (string 2).
    This is what i have so far, but i cannot figure out how to find and return the oldest file's info. Also, if the msg would be flexible as to if there are none "0" files in the folder, just return the msgbox "No files in the folder".