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    Re: Hide/Unhide Rows Based on a Formulated Cell

    Quote from StephenR;785134

    Please make sure you use code tags in future as per forum rules.

    If these are as a result of a formula result, the change event will not fire. You need to use the Calculate event, though this does not relate to a specific range.

    Thank you for replying, apologies not aware of what code tags are. I' m new to VBA.

    Would you mind giving me an example of what I need to change in the VBA code?

    The Select/Yes/No dropdown list answers are input in F10-F16

    Thank you for your time

    Hi I am looking to see what I am doing wrong.
    I have an excel template which I want to open in stages based on formulated answers. i.e E17, E26
    The formulated field outputs an answer based on Yes/No scoring in other cells.
    However, when the answer formulates when all questions answered the rows do not hide/unhide. I can get it working on dropdown list but really need it to calculate based on the formulated answer.
    Any ideas where I am going wrong??

    I have 3 Questions A44,A45,A46 with Yes/No answer options in C44,C45,C46
    I am trying to populate a formula in A47 that will show text from M2 if the answers are all No, Show text from M3 if any one of them is Yes, and show False if any one of them is unanswered.
    Im going around in circles!!

    example of what I tried

    Anyone know of a simple way to do this?

    Can anyone help me with a formula which has too many nesting levels.

    I have a dropdown selection with 14 options
    So my formula is if D4 = X Y or Z enter certain text in another cell

    =IF(D$4=0,"Enter Dept First & Click Button Again",IF(D$4="Mortgages","MOR",IF(D$4="Deposits","DEP",IF(D$4="Cards","CAR",IF(D$4="Loans","LOA",IF(D$4="Insurance","INS",IF(D$4="BIF","BIF",IF(D$4="Small Business&Agri ","SBA",IF(D$4="Mid/Medium Business","MMB”,IF(D$4="BIL","BIL”,IF(D$4="NIAC","NIA", IF(D$4="Private Banking","PRB",IF(D$4="Network","NET",IF(D$4="Direct","DIR"))))))))))))))

    Thanks in advance