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    I am not sure whether this can happen, I want to capture time taken for different activities, without manually entering the details.I tried the formula "=Now()", but what happens is that at the end of the day the times are all the same because the live time is changing. Is there a way where the live time is captured and freezed, so that at the end of the day i have a time log sheet.

    Hi All,

    Really need your help on this one. I need a Macro which can sort the report after every heading, for eg: "06401:*Aecon Construction Group Inc", "41731:*ALL-LIFTS INC" etc... in the attached report and save as a separate file.I also want the details in the lines 30 to 40 to be in all the files.Kindly Help!!!!

    Hi All,

    Need you help with this one.

    I have a tracker where they update the details for all the requesitions they do.

    I have put in some formulas to track the data for the whole week.

    There is a column "AU" which has the PO Issue FW.

    Is there a way so that there is a dropdown which has all the FW in column "AU" and the data changes according to selection.

    Kindly Help.

    Hi all,

    Need your help with this one.

    I have numbers in five fields say A to E.

    I have the data in more than 1000 lines.

    I want a formula which will look for the highest number in the row and give me the corresponding header to that number.

    I have attached a sample for your reference.

    Thanks for all the help.

    Hi all,

    I`m currently creating an user form which uses a date format in certain fields. Now how do I insert a calendar function for those particular fields? Do I use an add-in or is there any other means of doing this. If yes, what is the code to invoke a calendar in a form...Also how do I specify only dates or numbers in a text-box so that nothing else gets entered apart from a date or number.

    Re: List Box in User form

    Thanks for the help Anderson.

    Please find attached the sample file for your reference.

    Actually i wanted tto do it in a better way but i couldn't.

    What i want is there should be a List box in the first user form.

    When you select the particular manager's name the agents name in the second list should change.

    and when you click on an agents name,the second user form should popup with all the details.

    I should also have add and edit access.

    Is this possible

    Hi All,

    I have Two set of data.

    I want to put both the sets in a listbox in an user form.

    But the list appearing in the second userform is dependend on the value in the first list box.

    I know to do this in excel.

    But need help to do it in A userform.


    Hi Friends,

    This is going to be a great help, if somebody can help me with this one.
    I have a tracker which is updated by eight people.I need to create a single file which displays a user form and all the eight people should be able to add and edit data at the same time.

    There are various cells which have formulas,these fields should be inactive in the userform.But it should display the value got by the calculation of the formula in that particular thing.

    Can anybody help me out.


    I have a contact list which has a user form to input and show data.I want to make it more effective.when you type in a name it shows all the instances where the word comes.for example, if i type Jack.It brings up jack and jackson.Some thing like this.Can any one help me in such a way that if i give jack it should bring only the instances where jack is the full name.One more thing is that i donot want it to open the excel file at all it should show only the form.Is this possible

    Re: Test

    Thanks for your time Bob,

    I am sorry about the title.

    I have attached a workbook to give you an idea.

    What i need is a macro that can pick any 10 questions and answers from this set of questions in random and put it in to a new sheet.

    The new sheet should also have a feature to select the right answer.,once the answers are answers should be copied to a new sheet.

    Is this possible.


    Need your help with this one.

    We have regular internal assesments for all the employees working in our depatment.

    Is there a way so that all the test questions are put in to one workbook.

    When we run a macro,it should pick up 10 questions in random and display it in a new workbook.

    All the questions are multiple choice questions.

    There should also be an option for the employee to choose only on among the four choices.

    Once the choice is made, The along with the questions need to be copied to a new work sheet.

    Is this Possible or am i asking for too much.


    I need a help with this one.

    I need to download a report from a website every week.

    There is a download tab in the site and when i click that the report gets downloaded.

    Is there a way to automate this in excel.

    I also have the hyperlink for the download tab which downloads the data when i click the hyper link.

    It looks something like this.


    Can we do something so that the date in the url changes to todays date on any given day.

    Can we assign a command button to this.????

    Kindly Advise.


    Re: Insert Auto Signature

    Sorry to eat your time norie.

    Now i am using a auto mailer to send a mail.

    Now what i want to do is, in addition to the excel mail body i need to copy the contents of an agreement letter from word and paste it to the body.

    I normally use auto signature to do that.

    Is there any other way to do that, so that i can have my word body as well as the excel body.

    Hi There,
    I need a help with this one!!!

    I use more than one signature.

    Is it possible to insert a particular signature in to the mail when sending from excel.

    Is there a code for that.

    Kindly Help,