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    Hi Dave And Friends,
    I need to paste the selection in to a new workbook and create an outlook message with the new workbook as an attachment.Is it possible.Please help me.Its very urgent.

    Thanks in Advance,

    Re: Mailer

    Thanks for your interest and Patience Roy.What i want to do exactly is that after selecting multiple ranges in a worksheet if i run the macro,the macro should put all the selection in to a new workbook and save it and then create an outlook mail with the new file as the attachment.Is this possible.

    Re: Mailer

    Thanks for your interest.I need to select the header row and a few rows at random.The problem here is that i cannot filter on a particular criteria.I have to manually select these rows using control and then selecting the header row and the required rows.Have i made it clear or is it too much.

    Hi Dave and Friends,
    I have to sent in a lot of reports every day.I basically generate the reports from a master sheet.I need to select the header row and few rows here and there.Can a VBA Macro help me to this faster.Is this possible or am i asking for too much.

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    Dear Dave & Friends,
    I have ten individual files saved after different names in a folder.All the files have identical headers.Is it possible to combine all the details in to a single master sheet through a VBA.Please advise.