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    In Excel when you have the document on the scrren go to View and sleect print preview and that view will show you how to adjust Excel to print the proper width.

    If your documents are printing in either landscape or portrait the set up has nothing to do with the page it is all about how your printer is set. Look at the set up properties for your printer to solve your problem

    I have a database in which i have to have the Total Balance, Total Amount Paid, the Total Balance for Sales Rep#373, and Total Amount Paid for each sales rep included in the same query and i don't know how to use the same fields to get individual balances for each sales rep.

    The frequency in the chart is the constant i put on the x-axis the impendance has values ranging from 1000 to 109,000 ohms and the current values range from 0.000055 to 0.000792 and i am trying to compare them using an x,y scatter but i can not see the current graph because it graphs to the same scale as the impedance and i am not sure how to get the current graph to scale and compare on the y-axis

    I have been trying to plot a line graph with FREQUENCY data on the x-axis and CURRENT and IMPEDANCE data compared on the y-axis and i have the data in column form using windows XP and Excel XP. If anyone knows how to accomplish this seemingly simple task could you please write me. :cheers::cheers: