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    I have the following code which is breaking after adapting it. Essentially the code is suppose to Loop through Sheet FARJUL and update sheet FARJUN. I am getting the following error when running the macro Runt-Time error '9' - Subscript out of range "outarr(l + 49, n) = inarr2(j, l)"

    Solution was provided at :

    Thanks01 FAR - July 2021v1.xlsm01 FAR - July 2021v1.xlsm


    I have used my existing code and the amended line as you suggested which works - thanks. However on sheet1 I have an issue whereby contents of column A are deleted and copied to column H which I don't want to happen. Can you please assist with this.


    I have two Sheets (Sheet 1 and Sheet 2) . Column A in Sheet2 contains random 5 digit numbers. I want to copy the last number from Sheet 2 Column B to the last row to Sheet 1 column H

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    I have the following which works fine with the exception that it copies last row value from column A to the next row in Column H which I don't want to
    How can I prevent this from happening?


    Hi Carim

    Thanks for the feedback. Your suggestion has worked. However If I delete the True and False values on the sheet , why is the userform still displaying ticks in the checkboxes?

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    I have this excel spreadsheet, that copies non contiguous cells from one sheet to another. The code works fine when the record is selected from the list the box. Due to the number of records I use a search function to find the record that I need to transfer the Asset to Asset Disposal Sheet(Sheet7), however the Search function copies the first record on the sheet and not the record that is found.

    I have attached my sheet
    Password for sheet is Secret

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    I currently has this userform whereby data is copied onto another sheet. The code to copy is as follows:

    I am unprotecting Sheet7.
    Where am I going wrong with the code?


    I have this userform whereby I am capturing information that a has a

    1. Unit price
    2. Quantity
    3. Value

    When I edit the data on the userform to update information, the Value Column in the Spreadsheet returns # Value. This happens for all records.
    I am not editing the value field at all. The only time I will edit the value column is when there is 0 value.
    How can I overcome this issue.


    Good Day

    I have this userform that manages computer movement. Once a computer is purchased, the IT Department sets up the PC and thereafter transfer the asset to the actual custodian. I am fine with capturing the asset and when I try to do the asset transfer the data is not written to the row of the selected Asset.

    I have created a button called Asset Transfer which enables the fields I want to edit.

    Within the Asset Transfer I have created an Update Button.

    I have attached my spreadsheet.

    I have a spreadsheet with delegates attending a function whereby when I select Admit = Yes, excel must count the number of invitees for example 1 or 2 or 3 people and write that value in the highlighted cell in yellow and deduct from the number of people attending.
    And the same time highlight the row once the delegates have been signed in.
    I have tried countif and counta functions.

    I have attached my spreadsheet
    Any help is appreciated.

    Re: User Form Calendar

    Hi Roy

    I tried your suggestion. The problem is that when I choose the date from the calendar it is inserting the current date and the chosen date is writing to another part of the spreadsheet.

    your assistance is greatly appreciated.