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    Re: Cut part of a Cell to another cell

    Hi Jar801

    Try substituting this code into yours:

    Re: count if

    You have a space following the text in C16. It actually reads "ot ". If you remove this space then the formula should work. Or you could use TRIM in your formulas to reduce this. Of course the data itself should also have no spaces.

    Re: Duplicate data corresponding to data in another column


    You can run the macro using the button.

    There are 4 output columns:

    1. The subject
    2. The number of times the subject occurs in the list
    3. Whether duplicate date entries exist or not for the relevant subject?
    4. How many unique date entries there are for that subject?

    In 4, I have changed your question around slightly as I am not quite sure what you are after but perhaps you can clarify once you have had a look at the output and I can change as necessary.

    If you have 1000s of lines of data then this may not be the most efficient solution.

    Re: Find todays date and highlight the row


    Try this macro. You may need to adjust the cell start point in date range depending on how your data is set up.