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    Re: Copy row, insert twice and change cell in each row to different value - insert is

    Like Patel, I am not entirely sure what you are after but using 'ActiceCell' and 'Select' is probably not the way to go with this. It is likely to lead to strange results:

    Give this a try:

    Re: Random Text for List Based on Sum Criteria

    Hi Zach

    This will pick one of the values randonmly and sum until the total is within the range. I guess there could be an argument on whether it is truly random but it might work for your purposes. Your data should start in cell "A1".

    Re: Leveling Macro

    Hi scambug

    Give this is a try. If there are more levels of children it may need adjusting:

    Re: Compare 2 Excel Sheets Line by Line and Highlight all new data on a new sheet

    If I have understood correctly, this should highlight anything removed in blue and anything added in red. Give it some testing.

    Re: Combine multiple records onto 1 row based on unique name/surname in the first col

    Hi Anita

    In case you haven't resolved this yet. The data should start in A1.

    Re: Numeric wildcard

    A beast but very well thought through.

    A possible, as a UDF:

    Re: Move multiple columns to multiple rows

    This will test to see if you have the correct number of columns for each set of names.

    Re: Move multiple columns to multiple rows

    OK. This one you can change to suit the number of household columns and the number of columns per person. Seems to work on what you gave me once I deleted the last two columns but let me know.

    Re: Move multiple columns to multiple rows

    It should work for additional columns as it is. Give it a try and let me know. The only thing to change would be if you have more than ten names to transpose. In which case change:

    ReDim b(1 To UBound(a, 1) * 10, 1 To 6)


    ReDim b(1 To UBound(a, 1) * (UBound(a, 2) - 4) / 2, 1 To 6)

    Re: Compare data set 1 with data set 2. Add to data set 2 if not found


    It is always best to upload a sample of data so that we can clearly understand your requirements. This may help but you will need to test it yourself as I am not creating a workbook for you.

    Re: Move multiple columns to multiple rows

    I am not sure about a formula but a possible marco: