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    Re: Show Macro Completion Progress Checklist using Userform

    I just stepped through the code. When I step through the code the form comes up, the checkboxes are seen and they turn TRUE after each macro. It works, but when I try to execute the code from the macro call button none of that is seen on the form. The form is blank. Does this help anyone in trying to resolve this problem?

    Hello everyone, I have been working on a userform that shows the users when a series of macros have completed using checkboxes on a userform. I would like the checkboxes to show TRUE after each macro has completed running until the last macro is called and run. The problem is, the userform shows up but none of the checkboxes are displayed (complete blank) until all the macros have run and then they all show up and are TRUE. Here is the code I have been working on. Hope someone can help me figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks

    I have written a VBA module to Sort Filtered Unique data in a specific location. The problem is, I do the same code four times.
    Is there a more efficient way to use the same sorting method without having to do the same code four times?
    I have supplied a copy of my code for all to review:

    Hello All,
    I am trying to copy unique column data to a different worksheet but when I run the code I only get one item. I think it may something to do with the fact that the data I have in my column has spaces and commas. Is there any way for the Advanced Filter xlFilterCopy to work in a column where the data has spaces and commas? (Example: WP, Production, 300C, Alum, 1.25 mil)

    Hello All,
    I just can't seem to get the syntax correct for setting or resetting a cell value using the OnTime schedule function.
    It looks like the cell value changes randomly and after several cycles it just runs non-stop very, very quickly and I have to use the ESC key to break out of the loop.
    Can someone show me what I am doing wrong please?

    Here is my code:

    Hello All,
    I am trying to use the OnTime function on some data that is used by a chart.
    I have a worksheet that I set Autofilter criteria and I want to apply this criteria every 15 seconds to the data table. I can't seem to find the VBA syntax that will allow for me to do this. Has anyone ever done this, and if so how did you to do it?

    I have attached the spreadsheet for reference.

    Re: VBA Syntax for Date Range Criteria

    Never mind Cytop. If I would have studied your code more closely I would have seen what you were doing. Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Re: VBA Syntax for Date Range Criteria

    Sorry Cytop, but you have me confused. If the date range cells contain values, then the sQry == sQry & ....... statement is run, however, if the date range cells are empty, then which statement would the code run?

    Re: VBA Syntax for Date Range Criteria

    Thank you Cytop. Code works great.

    Before I consider this issue resolved, how would the code be changed if NO dates were inputted. In this situation I would like the Start and Stop criteria to be "*".

    Hello All,
    I can't seem to resolve the VBA code syntax for pulling data from an Access query with date range criteria. Here is the code:

    'open target query
        sQry = "Select * From qry_WirePull_Destructive_1HeaderSummary Where [DateSaved] Between #05/01/2013# AND #07/17/2013#"
        rst.Open sQry
        'set/clear/output to target worksheet
        Set wks = Sheets("WirePull_Destructive_Header")
        On Error Resume Next
        wks.Range("A5").CopyFromRecordset rst

    What I am trying to do is replace the start and stop dates with Excel named ranges. Does anyone have any ideas?


    Hello all,
    I have a chart on a Chart Sheet and I have a check box on this chart. The problem I am having is that everytime I view the chart the check box keeps moving and resizing. Has anyone else ever had this problem and if so, how did you resolve this?