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    Hello guys,

    I have created a table with list of scholar's ID and name in column A and B respectively, name of class subjects which the scholar are taking in column E to K, Pre-test columns for all subjects in column L to CL and Post-test columns for all subjects in column CM to FM. I have used this VBA code which will only filter the scholar names and subject taken based on the dropdown (created using data validation) selected in cell B2, and hide any other rows/columns. This code actually works perfectly for this purpose:

    However, every time my data entry staff keying in data in the pre/post test columns (column L to FM), there's a slight delay after pressing ENTER or TAB to the next cell. Keying in several data will result in noticeable sluggishness. I understand that this is most likely due to the nature of the Worksheet_Change function which will run whenever there's any change in any cell. I've read and find out that to temporarily disable this macro, we can use the Application.EnableEvents function. But unfortunately I do not really know to use this function, so I would like to seek your kind help on this.

    In short, I would like to disable macro whatsover whenever any data is keyed in in the pre/post test columns which will help reduce the sluggishness. Only just enable just for the cell B2 selection dropdown changes, which will reveal/hide columns/rows based on that selection. For your information, the whole range of the pre/post test columns is L7:FM132.

    Thank you for any kind help.


    Re: Adding a char to another number entries with several 'alt enter' space in a cell

    Hello MrRedli,

    Thanks for the reply. I've tried using your answer, but it does not produce the output I desire. It becomes like this:


    I believe this is because that there are multiple 'alt-enter' space inbetween the numbers, so it substitute them as well. What I would like to do is to add a single character right next to the number, while still mantaining the same gap (the same 'alt-enter' space). Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

    If there's anyone else can suggest any solution, I would be very grateful.


    Hello sir!

    I think this is my very 1st post in this forum. Previously I was just a 'lurker', reading and getting solutions to most of my Excel problems, thanks to all of you! But now, here is one problem which I could not find it either here or on any Google search links. Here it goes:

    Supposed that I have a cell, say A1, which contains some numbers with multiple 'alt enter' space in it, like this:




    Notice that the gap between the numbers varies between one another, depending on how many 'alt enter' space is used. My aim is to add a single character or number just immediately after the current keyed number while still mantaining the gap between them. So for the first example, say i would like to add a letter 'a' next to each of the numbers, the expected output would be:




    or, if I would add number '7' next it each of it, it will be like this:




    Is it really possible to do so? It doesn't matter if the formula will be very long and complex. I prefer the Non-VBA way but if using VBA is much easier, I can still consider it.

    Thank you so much for any help.