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    Re: can I use a macro to detect

    Smuzoen: when I tried using the timer it did not seem to time when the computer is locked, that is why I am trying to detect if the computer is locked... maybe I will try again when I get to work on next Tuesday.

    Thanks, Rick

    Re: can I use a macro to detect

    Smuzoen, thanks for the offer but I cant use any add on programs (IT restrictions) Here is a more in depth description of what I am doing and how I plan to do it:
    My program is for order tracking.
    On first run of the day it will automatically go out on the net and download the latest list of orders & status from the company that orders for us and then formats and sorts rearranges the data for my workbook and updates all order status'.
    BTW I have limited the rights to the users of this workbook, not everyone has the ability to fully utilize all functions, and also with all of the security that I placed in this workbook I can not “SHARE” but made it so it will run fine for most users as READ ONLY. My problem comes in when a user that does not have rights to extreme limited rights opens the workbook first, (at this point there copy is not READ ONLY and then an authorized user then loads the workbook as READ ONLY... I did develop a "Chat program" in excel to send messages between users, I also have the ability to restart the workbook of the user that opened the workbook first.
    this is now where it gets tricky.... I can force a restart with no problems, but I want to notify the user first before the authorized takes control...
    If the authorized user sends a message to the first user and there computer is locked the stops and waits till that computer is unlocked first... I need it to detect first if the computer is locked, if so then just close there copy of the workbook and then restarts the requesting users copy so they now will have full rights to use the workbook... some thing similar happens too if the first user is a authorized user, the routine will first save the workbook before shutting it down... also ONLY authorized users have the ability to chat and take control of this workbook.

    hope this is clearer for you...