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    I need to develop a formula or a macro to determine the amount of vacation an employee has earned and used. Vacation is earned as follows:

    After 1 year continuous employment 1 week paid (No vacation is earned under one year of service)
    After 2 years continuous employment 2 weeks paid
    After 5 years continuous employment 3 weeks paid

    For each year from year eleven through year twenty, the employee gets an additional day. Therefore, an employee with twelve years of service would have earned 17 days of vacation. An employee earn days on a monthly basis throughout the year. So an employee with sixteen years and one month would have earned 1.4 days of vacation, sixteen years and two months would have earned 2.8 days of vacation. I have attached an example spreadsheet.

    Re: Compare and Total

    THANK YOU so much for your help. I appreciate the time and energy you spent helping me out. I'm sorry for the slow show of appreciation but my internet have been down.

    Thanks again


    Re: Zero value in range

    Thank you, the placement of the zero is what I wanted to do. It's the simple things that I have a diffecult time comprehending.


    Re: Delete Column

    Re: Delete Column

    The code below where I'm trying to place the delete code is:

        Selection.Replace What:="Co-Mingle", Replacement:="CoMingle", LookAt:= _
            xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False

    I receive a spreadsheet on a daily basis and I would like to delete a column by using an existing macro that I have written. I have used the record macro and came up with the following code, unfortunately when I add this to the existing macro, it causes a loop that continues to delete column after column. Your help would be appreciated.

        Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft

    Re: Starting a Named Range in Floating Position

    Is there a way to set up ranges as follows for this sheet:

    Start one line below Insing
    Range e10:e12 - Range Name Insing1
    Range F10:F12 - Range Name Insing2
    Range G10:G12 - Range Name Insing3

    Start one line below Co_mi
    Range e19:e21 - Range Name CoM1
    Range F19:F21 - Range Name CoM2
    Range G19:G21 - Range Name CoM3

    Start one line below Bndy
    Range e28:e30 - Range Name Bndy1
    Range F28:F30 - Range Name Bndy2
    Range G28:G30 - Range Name Bndy3

    Start one line below pna3
    Range e37:e39 - Range Name pna1
    Range F37:F39 - Range Name pna2
    Range G37:G39 - Range Name pna3

    Any help would be appreciated..

    Re: Starting a Named Range in Floating Position

    This works GREAT :) , Thank you for all your time and energy on this problem. I have one question, the code only seems to work if it's attached to the workbook that I need to run the code against. What do I add to have this run on the active worksheet?



    Re: Starting a Named Range in Floating Position

    The problem that I am faced with is that there are blank rows between the product types.

    I was trying something like this:

    I tried to modify the code in the other article, but the blank rows interfere

    Thanks Again for your time.