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    Re: Saveas Dialog

    I don't have any real coding that does this, this is just what I've used to get the copy the sheets then show the SaveAs Dialog

    Sub SaveBttn_Click()
        Application.DisplayAlerts = False
        Sheets(Array("Auction", "Cashier", "Silent", "LIVE", "FineArt", "Jewelry", "Donated")).Copy
        Application.DisplayAlerts = True
    End Sub

    I have a workbook that has twenty data sheets. The user presses a button that copies they're specified sheets to a new workbook and prompts them with the SaveAs Dialog. How do I code it so that if they press the CANCEL button on the SaveAs Dialog it closes the created spreadsheet without saving it?

    This is a pretty long question so I’ll try my best to explain it thoroughly.
    I have a spreadsheet to track items we sell at an auction, so on the worksheet “ItemsAtAuction” there is a list of every item that went out to the auction, in three columns (“A” item name, “B” item description, “C” starting bid). I have created a form to enter the winning bidder’s information (first name, last name, phone number, and table number). After entering ALL the information I print an invoice for each person who won with the items they bought. I figured out how to do this by selecting the person’s name and pressing three buttons (1) to add the customer information to the invoice, (2) to add the items they purchased to the invoice, and (3) the print button. I wrote a very long code to try to combine this to be able to press one button and it transfer all the data to the invoice and print, then go to the next person on the list. However, I cannot get it to work. I am trying to delete the step of selecting the person to print the invoice for, because EVERYONE on the list will have an invoice printed. All I did was combine the code from the previous mentioned three buttons. If anyone can help with this problem it would be greatly appreciated as I seem to be losing quite a lot of hair over this issue.

    This is the code for the "Print" Button:

    I have a form with two comboboxes, they are both populated off the same sheet. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to be able to type in the combobox until the option appears then to select the same listindex number on the second combobox. For Example, ComboBox1 holds the PartNumber and ComboBox2 contains the PartName, so when you select PartNo PU2514 ComboBox2 auto populates the part name.

    I have tried this with ComboBox1_Change, however as soon as you type one letter in the combobox it changes focus to the second combobox. I want the user to be able to type in part of their selection if need be.

    is this possible?

    Re: vlookup with two criteria

    no my original question was answered by you ... then someone else asked a second question .... i was just asking now if there was a reverse way to do what you gave me an original answer for. sorry ...

    Re: vlookup with two criteria

    yes, I know how to find something by combining the two critieria's ... however i need to be able to search by taking the combined result and separating it ... so instead of the user selecting "Ruth, Babe" and then Selecting "Baseball" they Select it together as "Ruth, Babe - Baseball" and then the vba finds it on a sheet that has "Ruth, Babe" in column A and "Baseball" in column B

    Re: vlookup with two criteria

    is there a way to do this by taking a concatenated value and separate it to find the exact row on a sheet.

    for instance ... it will return a value of "Ruth, Babe - Baseball" is there a way to separate that value into "Ruth, Babe" & "Baseball" and find the ONE row that contains both results ...

    i ask because the sheet i am using contains 7 different Ruth, Babe responses, I.E. check, jersey, etc. Is there a way to do this?

    Re: VLookUp a Value

    Let me explain this a little further. The drop down menu the user is chosing from is on a UserForm. The Data for this is on a Sheet "Master Inventory" in Column "Z". There are 5 labels on this UserForm that will be filled in when the user selects the item from the ComboBox. So I need to be able to look up the Selected Item (the data for this combo box comes from the sheet i need to look it up on) and take the data from that row column "A" and fill in Label1, then the data from that row column "B" and fill in Label2, etc.

    If I set up the VLookUp like:

    ((ItemLU being the value of the ComboBox))

    I don't know how to use this data to find the corresponding data in columns "A:F"

    Re: VLookUp a Value

    sorry ... the VLookUp is being used from a form where the user can select from 1000+ items in our inventory but I need to be able to look up by the value that's returned by the formula. The formulas are in Column "Z"

    So the user will select from a drop down menu that says "Babe Ruth - Check" and I need to find the row that value is in. However the cell that returns "Babe Ruth - Check" does not say that ... it contains the formula A1 & " - " & C1 and so on down to A2000 & " - " & C2000

    Is there a way to VLookUp data in a worksheet that's the Value of a Formula

    In Range("Z1") the formula is "=A1 & " - " & C1" and it equals "Ruth, Babe - Baseball" I need to be able to VLookUp by "Ruth, Babe - Baseball"

    I am trying to write a code allowing a user check an item in from our framer. This Button needs to find the item the user selected and enter the "Check In Date" in Column 'F' of that row.

    How do I do this? This is the code I have right now, and it doesn't work.

    Re: For/Next Macro


    the question is ... how do i get these buttons to work? there is something wrong with the code I am using. because it's not deleting the rows that have no fill color.

    I am trying to set up a single button that will, take the multiple items I've selected from a listbox and delete ALL the rows that did not get selected from the sheet.

    What I was trying to do with these two buttons was "commandButton4" takes the selected rows from the listbox and changes the color of that row. then the "CreateBttn" is to loop through the rows and delete the rows that did not get the color changed.

    I know there is an easier or simpler way to do this ... (however, I'm HORRIBLE with Loops, so everything I've typed above doesn't make sense, so I'm having trouble figuring this out)

    Thanks for any help you can give :flower:

    Re: SaveAs Dialog with Given File Name

    Still having an issue with this ... i entered the code as you put it and it works, the intended title shows in the saveas dialog, however, when you press the "save" button on the saveas dialog, it doesn't save anywhere.

    This is the FULL code. I cannot get the new workbook to save once the SaveAs dialog box is opened.

    Re: SaveAs Dialog with Given File Name

    I have tried this before, just saving the new workbook without asking the user where, however, they need to be able to specify where, just not what the workbook is called. Most of the time they have to create a new folder to save the document in. This little program creates a list of auction items that needs to be saved on the individuals computer with the file name as the auction title & date, then they need to create the folder they want to save it in.

    At the moment they are just typing in any filename to save it by, I was just curious if there was a way to auto-populate that field.