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    Re: Add Comma To Each Cell In Column

    In cell A1 you have your first name (in your case it's Abadie)

    Type in cell B1 =A1&","

    This will result in Abadie,

    Then copy cell B1 and paste it all the way down to Bx (where x is the last cells corresponding to entries in column A

    Then copy all of column B, select edit>paste special and select 'values' OK

    Re: Adding Rows When Reference Range Increases

    Sorry for the delay..

    After reading 'the golden rules of excel' sticky, I've took your advice and reduced averything to one sheet for all my data, using named ranges

    Thanks mate

    I have the following: -

    Sheet1 A1:A20 = account numbers
    Sheet2 A1:A20 = references sheet 1 (=sheet1!A1)

    Sheet2 A21:C21 = Some totals and counts etc...

    The problem is that Sheet1 may increase or decrease in account numbers

    How can automatically add/delete the appropiate rows in sheet2?

    ie. If I only have 15 rows in sheet1, sheet 2 references just the 15 rows and the totals appear on row 16

    Hope I explained well enough

    I have a small database that I'm building for my local cricket team. The main contacts table is entered via a form that has various check boxes to indicate the roles of each player (umpire, main team, bowler, batter etc)

    I've managed to set up simple queries that lists all the umpires, main team members, bowlers, etc...

    How do I pull the just the email addresses from the 'umpire' query and have them placed in my email software ?

    Thanks in advance


    I have 4 check boxes on a Access Form.

    If someone checks the 4th box, I would like a text box to become available for user input, else the text box 'greyed out'

    Please can someone point me the right direction....

    Re: Automatic Unique List

    Initially, this doesn't work...I get the dreaded 'Run time error 13'

    If I click on 'END' and start entereing data in column A, then it works...

    any ideas how to stop the initial Run time error?

    Hi again..

    Is there anyway of automatically creating a unique list as data is being typed?

    In column A:-


    In column B

    As the data is entered in column a, column B is poulated with the unique values?

    I know all about Advanced Filter>unique list but I really wanted to avoid the extra step

    Re: Set Print Area From Dropdown List

    Thanks guys. I used a bit of both.

    Its sort of working :(

    When it selects two separate ranges, it always prints on two pages. I can't for the life of me get it to print on the same page.

    Re: Set Print Area From Dropdown List

    I understand the first macro but don't know how to incorporate it into my sheet.

    I'll try and explain again: -

    I have a named range called 'print_area' containing Print Area 1, 2 and 3
    In A1, I have a data-validation drop down list that is populated from 'print_area'

    If print area 1 is chosen from the dropdown I would like it to print a specific range and so on...

    Hope this is a better explanation.

    HI (again)

    Is it possible to set a print area and then actually print it according to what is chosen from a dropdown list ?

    If 'Print area 1' is chosen, it selects A5:D50 & A5:L50 and then prints
    If 'Print area 2' is chosen, it selects A5:D50 & M5:S50 and then prints

    and so on...

    Thanks in advance

    Re: Estimated Finish Time Of Project


    Thanks for that.

    I included a rounddown to get the total number of whole 7-hour days and then incorporated the whole lot for the final result.

    Thansk for your time...