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    Re: Open a Userform next to mouse cursor

    Hi, thanks.

    I've seen it done before, it was used to replicate a menu structure when clicking a button, it would open the list next to the button. It would be good to know it its possible to pull the mouse coordinates from somewhere to replicate this, any help again would be appriciated.

    Opening a Userform next to mouse cursor

    Quote from royUK

    You could open a UserForm with options available. I have done similar with Toolbars but it is not simple to code, I think the UserForm will be easiest.

    Thanks Roy,

    I tried coding the menu, your right, its really hard. It would be more user friendly with a menu, but I can try the userforms. Do you know if there is a way for a userform to open where the mouse is clicked?


    Now this is something which I dont even know if it can be done, but its something which I would use, a lot, so hopefully it can be and someone has done it previously.

    When clicking on a button, like a normal button from the control toolbox, is it possible to open a menu from this? So I click on the button i made called "accounts" and this opens a menu next to it with different options.



    Re: Search and Paste Rows

    Quote from Dave Hawley

    Only to loop through the range(s) in question and check each cell.

    Thanks dave, I can do the looping through cells, ive got the range sorted and it goes through each row one by one, but how would I ask it to check the cell colour? Would i have to select it then use a with selection.interior function? Or is there a quicker way?

    Thanks again.

    Re: searching for afolder

    Hi, im not sure how this relates to Excel???

    Re: Search and Paste Rows


    We only have Excel 97 at work, its daft, you work for a bank and they're so tight that they dont upgrade their version of office as it costs too much.

    Any ideas for 97?

    Re: Indentify Completed Rows

    Thanks Dave,

    Dont think the Pivot Table is going to work as the spreadsheet is set up already unfortunately and in use heavily by various different departments. I was just asked if I could put this on, just to search for queries which might be out of the Service Level.

    All I need really is to know whether you can search for a cell colour using the .FIND, if you can, i can get the rest done i think.

    Thanks for your help though.

    Re: Search and Post Results


    I've had a little try with this and cant work out if when using then .FIND function in VBA, can you search for an actual Cell color? I know about .COLORINDEX, but cannot work out how to search for an actual cell in a certain colour, can anyone help please?


    Hi there, I wondered if anybody could help.

    We have a spreadsheet in use at the moment which has various lines of information, each line has a customer name, id, request and various other bits of information which needs looking into.

    The infomation is arranged onto weekly sheets and is managed manually. Once the customer request is complete, we grey out the background colour. Some outstanding issues background colours are either left blank, yellow or red, depending on whos doing them.

    I was wondering if there is a search criteria that we could use that would search through all the sheets in the workbook and find any customer queries that are not greyed out and display them on the results page. Can this be done?

    Any help would be appriciated. thanks



    I was wondering if the following was possible:

    In HTML, you can use the <MARQUEE> code which does the scrolling text from one side to the other. Can this be done with Excel?

    Im have a front page with links on which various users see as the "home page" kind of thing, but pulls information from the Tab "help" and displays this on the home page scrolling.

    Dont know if the scrolling is possible, but any help would be appriciated.


    Hi, i know this is going to sound strange, and it is kind of excel related.

    In the shortcut I have to my Excel file, i was wondering if it is possible to make it so it only opens it read only? I know some programs if you put a -r or /r at the end of the shortcut link, it opens it read only.

    Does anyone know if this is possible with Excel files?

    Re: Macro Security changing worksheet

    I dont think that you will get any help mate, basically if you are shown a way of a user being able to select, this will open a can of worms, people can adapt that code so anyone can then automatically change the security on workbook opening.


    Re: Searching

    Hiya Norrie,

    "hello" would be the right result in this case as it is the only thing on the sheets. but basically whatever is typed in the search box in the userform is whats being searched for.

    If this is found, in this case "hello", rather than highlighting all the boxes, im needing it to select the box, take the user to that specific sheet and that specific cell.

    Ive introduced the message box so that when the sheet and cell is selected, if thats not the right result, it will go to the next one.

    Thanks again norrie, its much appriciated.