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    Re: comparing a cell to a date

    I think it must be a part in the regional settings within windows then.

    It has different options for date seperations and time seperations. I think excel just configures itself around these settings.

    Not excatly sure, but that makes sense to me, lol

    Re: comparing a cell to a date

    I think its generally between the US and the UK, UK use , and US use ;

    But I see what you mean, with the months too, but that can be easily adjusted I guess.

    Few alternatives there for you :)

    Re: Automatically chaniging worksheet

    Thanks, its much appriciated.
    There are 2 sheets of data now, so hopefully would give you a better perception of what i am trying for.

    The problem I keep getting is that I get random characters everywhere, and for some reason, I cannot locate what is doing this, rather annoying! LOL

    Any help would be greatly appriciated, thanks

    Re: Automatically chaniging worksheet

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply, this doesnt seem to work quite right though, and it might have been me that didnt explain it right

    Ive added the 2nd week to show what I mean to the below file.

    each week will be a seperate sheet called week1, week2, week3 etc, but be looking for the actual score on "Scores" sheet.

    The mod that you did for some reason put 1900 under the points earned and didnt come from anywhere which i cant understand.

    Thanks though

    Hi there,

    I have a sheet that I have created which i am going to start using for my football prediction league.

    At the moment, I have only made it manually select Week 1 and check the scores on the score sheet and apply points accordingly.

    Eventually, I am going to have weeks 1 - 30ish and would be good if it could automatically go through the sheets weeks 1 - 30 by 1 click of a button. Can anyone help? Ive trid a coulple of things, but they dont seem to work.

    Hello, I have to hand in an excell spreadsheet for my major project at university, and i use macros in this sheet.

    I was wondering if there is anyway to automatically turn macro security to low when loading up the spreadsheet, as my tutors will not understand how to do this, and will just say my sheet does not work.

    Thank you for your help

    Re: Photos In Database

    Thanks for that, its been a help.

    What it is im looking for, its basically so when the database is in use (as a web page form) the user can select a button, and select what picture to add in the database.

    Hello, im new to making Access databases, and really only know the basics.

    Im currently making a household inventory system, and was wondering how the heck do you add photos to it and be able to save them?

    I think i must have tried nearly everything, i just cant do it.

    If there is anyone that can help, it would be much appriciated.


    hello, this is my first post on this forum, and i am hoping you will be able to help.

    i am rather a novice to excel, and i am trying to see if there is a way to my query.

    I have a formula which selects various cells at the beginning using VBA, and basically it is one that checks cells one by one for various dates.

    Set myrange = Sheets("Sheet1").Range(Range("B10"), Range("B30").End(xlUp))

    Later in the code, it does various weird and wonderful things which my brother has set up for me, but i have a userform which dispays an alert.

    In this alert, i am trying to find out the cells that were currently used, and display that cell.

    I think i need to give an example, im getting confused.

    the forumla checks cells B10:B30 for a certain value.

    when the value is found, say its "chips", it brings up Userform1, and displays information on Chips.
    There is a button on here, which will display the cells that the word "chips" was found in, and if i click the button, it will go there.

    I havent got the foggiest though!, im really thick on this. could anyone point me in the right direction? thanks