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    Re: To Do Cell Looping Of Rows And Columns?

    ok thanks, but an follow up question , how did you get the value of 35 as the index of the color?
    is it ok to share to me all the color palette index value?


    hello , i have a question...
    im having a 2 sheets (sheets1 and sheets2), then i got to put 1 combo box in each sheet ,but having the same name.. (ex. cbo1 & cbo1)
    my question is, does this naming convention doesnt affect my vba code?
    i mean calling cbo1 , which of them would return as the one that was called?


    Re: Unlock a cell acording to another cell

    hello , i have a follow up question to this problem....

    the cell range is only C6 long, my question is what if the movement is in column?
    base from the above problem, inputing cell C3 would unlocked C4 but my problem is
    after inputing C3 it should unlocked on cells D3 and inputing D3 should unlocked on E3 and up to c0lumn "BB"


    Re: Combo Boxes Limitations?

    i cant simply use data validation , bec. every combo boxes hold a list of data/variable..

    for instance. 1 combo box has 10 data in the list (will be put in the variable for computation) and this is repeated for all other combo boxes. by data validation alone , it is not easier for me to add many datas bec i have to type then whereas if it is in combo, i only select them and every combo box was linked to its coresponding cell where it was embed.

    i have no other option but to put combo box.

    Re: Combo Boxes Limitations?

    it was the design,
    each combo box hold a variable..
    and in this project i made , it involves thousands of variable used for computations.
    since this is an engineering application.

    is there a combo boxes limitation in a certain worksheets or workbook.?
    if there is then how many?
    coz i got a problem , i have to make around 2000 combo boxes, if i save it , i got no problem , but when i closed it and then reopen , the problem occurs..

    Blank Sheets should appear upon workbook open.

    ei guys,

    i have problem i hope it will be solved.

    On my workbook i got 3 sheets (sheet1,sheet2,sheet3)
    all sheets had contents...

    my question is how do i code it that everytime i open this workbook a blank page should appear first,
    before they can view a sheets they want and even every after saving, closing upon reopening it should display blank respectively.

    what in my mind is that i should create a dummy sheets (blank page,no gridlines) that this will be displayed upon workbook open ,
    but i dont know how to work it....


    hello everybody,

    im new here an also new to excel as vba is concern.
    i have search my problem in this forum and found this link
    but the code he illustrate was populating a combo box in a UserForm.
    though my problem is a bit similar to this but it is on different scenario.
    i hope i was not duplicate to that topic.
    well anyway, my problem was, how do i code to populate the Combo Box if it was embed in a Worksheet?
    again if refering to the link above that scenario was used in populating a combobox within a UserForm
    whereas mine was populating a combo box within a Worksheet..

    hope someone will help