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    Re: use of & filenames

    actually it was a school boy level solution at the end ... worked it out my self use the phrase run then the macro name in inverted commas i.e ... #

    run "integratedrecalcscen"

    in place of #


    ... sorry to have raised an issues thats so simple!! ... in hindsight
    thanks to you all anyway

    i use a piece of code from the XL Logic site on most of my models as
    scenario/sensitivity analysis ... linking into other macros which
    perform sub routines using the style : Application.Run "'template.xls'!integratedrecalcscen"

    How can i change this code so i do not have keep writing in the file
    name for each version and /or when other people use the model they
    dont cause problems when they change the filename ... i look forward to your
    advice shortly ... many thanks

    I use names for formulas /arrays on a regular basis ... however the name box in the tool bar ( as standard ) always seems to small to refer to the title or to use as an index .... is there a way of enlarging the name box either from excel settings or by writing a VBA macro?