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    Re: VLookup multiple columns and return to a single cell seperated by commas


    I'm using your LookupAll function in my code but getting 'Type mismatch' error. I need your help to resolve if I' m using any wrong data. I'm trying to read value from first column of Query4sheet and searching all occurences of it in Column B of another excel (Asc1.xls - range ("B2:C345")) & get the corresponding value from column C in first excel.

    Here is my code -

    Query4Sheet - Read this file

    Range contain - Search in this file
    TSC2346 CHG11306
    TSC1234 CHG11206
    TSC2345 CHG11456
    TSC1234 CHG11276
    TSC1234 CHG11666
    TSC2346 CHG11306
    TSC1237 CHG11306
    TSC1234 CHG11765
    TSC2346 CHG12306
    TSC2346 CHG16606
    TSC2345 CHG13456

    Output Required -
    TSC1234 CHG11206, CHG11276, CHG11666, CHG11765
    TSC2345 CHG11456, CHG12306, CHG13456


    Can you plz help?