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    I have 2 queries

    I have Windows XP on my PC at work, and when attachments are mailed to me (Word/Excel), in spite of the fact they are in landscape view, they always print as portait. Have tried page set up etc but to no avail.

    Also, I am unable to centre spreadsheets horizontally in Excel. There is always a default margin on the left of 1.5.

    Hope someone can assist.. My email address is [email protected]

    Many thanks

    Please can someone help - I have a chart which has four columns of figures - for simplicity's sake I will call them A B C D. Each set has 4 rows. I need to be able to show A and B figures together in the same bar of a bar chart and C and D figures together, adjacent to those of A and B. So on the X axis it would read A1B1 / C1D1 /A2B2 / C2D2 etc etc
    I have spent most of this morning trying to do this. However I am getting nowhere fast.

    Any help would be appreciated - please email me at [email protected]