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    Re: slides!mcs03.TemplateAutoOpen

    Thanks guys but I got the answer.

    I have to open the sheet that the error message is relating to then go to Insert/Name/define then delete any refernce to the xla there. I did this and it now opens without any problems. The functionality of the workbook seems to be in tact too. No dount they will be back to me if not.

    I know I should go to the author for this but this is a legacy spreadsheet with no way of contacting him as the guy left about a year ago.

    thanks again

    I have been sent a spreadsheet that tries to open a library file called Slides.xla. The error message reads:

    Cannot find 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Library\Slides\[SLIDES.XLA]SLIDES'!mcs03.TemplateAutoOpen, which has been assigned to run each time [cashcall.xls]Control Sheet is opened. Continuing could cause errors. Cancel opening [cashcall.xls]Control Sheet?

    I realise this is something put in by the spreadsheet developer but neither I nor my collegues have the necessary add-in (and there for the library path or xla file).

    How can I disassociate this file from the opening and closing process of the spreasheet?

    Any help would be great


    I have a table with three columns: A. Severity B. Likelihood C. Risk. I am trying to make a dual lookup function so the user enters both Severity and Likelihood, then the Risk is pulled automatically (see table below). Is there a dual lookup, i.e. to find both A and H and return 15. I know I can do it with a filter but I want the users to input the values into a cell and for that to produce the answer.

    The example is below:
    ColumnA B C
    Severity Likelihood Risk
    A H 15
    A M 12
    A L 8
    B H 14
    B M 11
    B L 7
    C H 13
    C M 10
    C L 6
    D H 9
    D M 5
    D L 2
    E M 4
    E M 3
    E L 1

    Note. This table starts at cell A1 in a separate sheet.