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    Re: IE Automation: Click button (Object invoked has disconnected from clients)

    Simply try this:

    1. Internet options
    2. Security
    3. Disable the Security mode
    4. Close IE
    5. Launch IE

    The security mode allow IE to disable the connection to VBA if the call you're doing towards IE is not a standard call, if you call the security tool let it pass through but a call like https://[someip]/something.php?user=[user]&pw=[pw]&login=submit may be seen like something suspect and the connection between VBA/VBS or whatever created the IE object is deleted.
    The reason is very simple, just imagine for example what you can do if you set the IE visibility to false and you have 1000 machines with a routine which loop a login call to a website, the user doesn't see his own machine is doing something with IE, let's say 5 calls in a seconds, 5x1000=5000 calls every second, what do you thing will happen? :)