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    Re: VBA worksheet_change - Date & Time

    dont have the code in a module place the code inside your worksheet instead

    if you double click your sheet tab or press Alt & F11 it will bring up the vb editor then double click on sheet1 and paste the code in there this should solve your problem

    Re: Range.Value

    when using range.value specify the worksheet then cell range.
    im assuiming your worksheet is "Bic"

    try something like

    worksheets(Bic).range("A1:E5000").value = worksheets(Chic).range("A1:E5000").Value + 5

    if it odesnt work post your excel doc and info on what you want to do and ill have a look

    Re: "Macro is not Found" Error

    try checking the code that initalizes the macro and check to see if the macro you created has been named to something else.

    Re: Launch Netscape from Excel 2003 Hyperlink?

    i assume that because MSExcel is a microsoft product it wont allow you to do as you require. i guess they just want there programs to be used by other microsoft programs.

    ive check all throught excel2003 and found nothing that will let you use a different webbrowser to open links.

    although if Internet Exploerer wasnt installed on the designated machine it would have to open the links in the browser.

    please correct me if i am wrong about this.

    Re: search userform

    actually it would be good if instead of printing out the row it could be filtered so that the worksheet just displays the row with the search results that has been found


    Re: search userform

    yes id like to print the whole row

    i figured out the find code for a different search function in my worksheet as i need to look for instances of the word Approved i just hadnt taken it out of the code for the staff number yet.

    it still works if its in there but i have taken it out now.

    Re: search userform

    thanks for the help i have but i have managed to work this out sofar it works ok.

    is there a way that i could get the msgbox to print the whole row of where textbox1.text is (ie row A3)

    i have a userform with a label1, textbox1 and commandbutton1

    i need to find the data in the worksheet if it matches textbox1.text

    i tried the following but to no avail please help thanks

    If Me.TextBox1.Text = Worksheets(1).Range("A3:D65536").Text Then
        MsgBox "YES", vbOKOnly, "YES"
    End If

    hi i cannot for the life of me remember how to do the following could someone refresh my mind please

    i want to add data to the next empty row & cell using a userform i have label1 which needs to increment by 1 depending on the last entry in colum A and then put it onto the worksheet in the next empty cell.

    i have tried the following code in my userform but it just over writes the previous entry.

    Re: Prn And Text Document

    as far as i know a file with the extension .PRN is a printer text file

    these files are created when a autosave occurrs and the program tells the document to print and it gets sent to the print queue awaiting to print.

    but it could be the file extension that the accounting program uses and when exported the file extension is not being changed to the excel format

    whats the accounts program you are using?.

    Re: activiting Private Sub userForm_Initialize()

    if you wanted to populate a listbox that is situated on a worksheet use the listbox1.list = statement and place it into the worksheet activate sub. the example below will fill the listbox with the data situated on the worksheet in cells A1 to A5.

    Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
    ListBox1.List = [B]Worksheets(1).Range("A1:A5").Value[/B] ' change highlighted to your data
    End Sub

    i hope this helps.